Green Tribunal Gives BMC 2 Weeks To Clear Debris From Mithi In Aarey

Green tribunals

In a significant move aimed at protecting the delicate ecological balance of the Mithi River in Aarey, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued a strict ultimatum to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). The tribunal has granted the BMC a brief two-week window to expedite the removal of debris and waste from the riverbed.

The Mithi River, a crucial water body flowing through the lush green expanse of Aarey, has been facing mounting challenges due to the accumulation of debris. Human encroachment and construction activities have severely impacted the river’s natural course, leading to environmental concerns and disrupting the habitat of various aquatic species.

The NGT’s directive came as a response to a petition filed by environmental activists and concerned citizens, who voiced their growing apprehensions about the escalating ecological damage in the area. The tribunal’s ruling underlines the urgency of addressing the situation and emphasizes the BMC’s responsibility in restoring the river’s health.

While the BMC has previously taken some measures to address the issue, the NGT found their efforts insufficient, leading to the imposition of a strict deadline. The two-week period given to the civic body serves as a critical opportunity to initiate immediate action and undertake comprehensive cleanup and restoration efforts.

Environmentalists have long stressed the significance of the Mithi River for maintaining the region’s ecological equilibrium. Apart from serving as a lifeline for several indigenous flora and fauna, the river plays a crucial role in preventing flooding during monsoons by acting as a natural drainage channel.

Local residents have also expressed their support for the NGT’s ruling, urging the BMC to adhere to the prescribed timeline diligently. They hope that the debris clearance will pave the way for a sustainable and rejuvenated Mithi River, fostering a healthier ecosystem for future generations.

Furthermore, with awareness of climate change and environmental preservation reaching new heights, the NGT’s decision carries broader implications beyond the confines of Aarey. It underscores the need for proactive measures in safeguarding natural resources and highlights the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in protecting our environment.

As the deadline looms, all eyes are on the BMC to witness how they respond to the NGT’s mandate. Prompt and decisive action is expected, not only to clear the debris from the Mithi River but also to develop a long-term plan for its continued conservation.

In this race against time, the NGT’s intervention serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring environmental advocates and authorities to work hand in hand to restore the Mithi River to its former glory. The success of this cleanup mission will undoubtedly be a testament to the power of collective efforts in preserving our natural heritage for generations to come.


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