Gyanesh Kunal, 20-Year-Old Literary Prodigy, Declares Donation of All Upcoming Royalties


In a remarkable and altruistic gesture, Gyanesh Kunal, a rising star in the literary world at the age of 20, has announced that he will be donating all his upcoming book royalties to charitable causes.

Inspired by a deep commitment to social impact and a desire to make a meaningful difference, Gyanesh’s has decided to channel the financial gains from his literary success into initiatives that address pressing societal issues. This unprecedented move reflects a profound sense of responsibility and a belief in the power of literature to bring about positive change.

Despite his youth, Gyanesh has already made a significant mark on the literary landscape, captivating readers with their unique voice and storytelling prowess.

The decision to donate all future royalties aligns with Gyanesh’s values and vision for a better world. By contributing to causes close to his heart, Gyanesh’s aims to inspire fellow young authors and readers to recognize the impact they can have on the world beyond the pages of a book.

In a statement, Gyanesh’s expressed his gratitude to readers, supporters, and the literary community, emphasizing that this decision is a small but meaningful way to give back and contribute to positive change.

The literary world eagerly anticipates Gyanesh’s upcoming works, not only for their literary merit but also for the potential positive impact they may have on society. As he continues to weave stories and narratives, Gyanesh’s poised to leave an indelible mark not just in literature but in the hearts of those touched by his generosity.



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