He is driving Indian car looking into rear-view mirror, it’s crashing’: Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi


In a scathing criticism directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lamented their lack of focus on future-oriented policies. Speaking at a public event on Monday, Gandhi accused the ruling party of failing to engage in discussions about the future trajectory of India.

Gandhi’s remarks emphasized the apparent absence of a forward-looking vision in the policies and rhetoric of PM Modi and the BJP. Highlighting this shortcoming, he remarked, “They never talk about the future.”

The Congress leader’s comments drew attention to the importance of addressing long-term challenges and formulating strategies to navigate them effectively. He expressed concern that the ruling party seemed preoccupied with immediate concerns, disregarding the need for comprehensive planning and visionary leadership.

Metaphorically alluding to a situation where a driver is fixated on the rear-view mirror while driving, Gandhi suggested that the BJP’s approach resembled a crash waiting to happen. By implying that their lack of future-oriented focus could lead to detrimental consequences, he sought to underline the need for a more proactive and visionary approach to governance.

However, without further context or specifics provided in his statement, it is challenging to discern the exact policies or issues that Gandhi intended to address. Further details would be required to gain a comprehensive understanding of his criticism and its underlying motivations.

As with any political statement, it is important to consider multiple perspectives and evaluate the broader context in which such remarks are made. To delve deeper into the matter, referring to reliable news sources or seeking additional information from recent articles and commentaries on Rahul Gandhi’s critique would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.


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