IAF taking steps to be ever ready keeping in view overall security scenario: President Murmu


President Draupadi Murmu highlighted the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) commitment to ensuring readiness and preparedness in the face of evolving security challenges and the prospect of high-tech warfare in a network-centric battle space. Speaking on Saturday, President Murmu emphasized the steps being taken by the IAF to stay ever ready for future scenarios.

With the aim of maintaining an agile and modernized force, the IAF continues to prioritize various measures. One crucial aspect is the constant modernization of its equipment and technology to effectively counter emerging threats. Procuring advanced aircraft, weapon systems, and surveillance capabilities is a key element in staying ahead of the curve.

Training and exercises play a pivotal role in honing the IAF’s operational skills and strengthening coordination among different branches of the military. Regular joint drills with other defense forces, as well as multinational exercises with friendly nations, contribute to fostering interoperability and preparedness.

The IAF also places emphasis on infrastructure development. Upgrading airfields, radar systems, and command and control centers ensures swift deployment, quick response times, and enhanced operational capabilities. Such infrastructure improvements are crucial for maintaining a robust defense posture.

To augment its capabilities, the IAF actively seeks strategic partnerships with other nations and defense organizations. These collaborations facilitate knowledge sharing, joint training, and the exchange of best practices. By fostering mutual trust and cooperation, these partnerships contribute to strengthening the nation’s defense mechanisms.

Recognizing the significance of research and development, the IAF encourages innovation in aviation technology. Collaborating with research institutions, academia, and the private sector enables the exploration of cutting-edge advancements. By staying at the forefront of technological progress, the IAF aims to maintain its superiority in a rapidly evolving security landscape.

President Murmu’s remarks emphasize the IAF’s commitment to adapting to the challenges of the future and enhancing overall security preparedness. The IAF’s proactive approach to modernization, training, infrastructure development, strategic partnerships, and research and development underscores its dedication to maintaining readiness in the face of evolving security scenarios.


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