JeevaMadhu Foundation Faces Political Hurdles for Social Programs in Tamil Nadu


The JeevaMadhu Foundation, known for its impactful social initiatives focusing on various causes like feeding the hungry, educating people about their rights, and empowering women and children, is currently encountering political challenges. The recent incident involves the Foundation’s efforts to conduct a ‘Know Your Rights’ program for Class 12 students in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. However, local authorities have issued a notice to halt their program, citing a lack of necessary permissions.

Jeevan Sagar, the driving force behind the Foundation, expressed his dismay, calling it a political maneuver. He highlighted differences between himself and certain political leaders in Tamil Nadu, alleging that their clout is being used to obstruct the Foundation’s programs. When questioned about potential links to recent controversies or comments made regarding Mr. Stalin, a prominent figure, Jeevan declined to respond directly. He reiterated that conducting awareness programs should not require official permissions and condemned the move by authorities, considering it wholly unacceptable.

In a firm stance, Jeevan emphasized the authorities’ lack of interest in educating people, insinuating that these so-called leaders aim to halt programs aimed at enlightening the populace. He vowed not to relent and revealed that his legal team has already filed a petition in the Tamil Nadu High Court. In an indirect plea to Mr. Stalin and his team, Jeevan requested allowing people to live peacefully and freely.

Regarding the potential pause of programs in Tamil Nadu, Jeevan affirmed his determination to organize more such events, striving to deliver education and awareness. He hinted at a public response to political maneuvers through the upcoming parliamentary elections, implying that the people would react to these actions. Additionally, he questioned whether this situation aligns with the agenda of the I.N.D.I.A political alliance group.

The JeevaMadhu Foundation remains resolute in its commitment to social causes, despite the hurdles imposed by political interference. Jeevan Sagar’s proactive approach and his Foundation’s initiatives continue to strive for a more informed and empowered society, navigating challenges with resilience and determination.


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