Kanye West’s Ambitious Vision: Creating DROAM, a 100,000-acre City in the Middle East


Kanye West, known for his bold endeavors, has set his sights on an unprecedented project – the development of DROAM, a self-sustaining city in the Middle East. This visionary move, however, comes against a backdrop of West’s history of incomplete ventures and abandoned properties, leaving fans both intrigued and skeptical.

Kanye West DROAM: A City in the Making

In a surprising announcement on X, Kanye West unveiled his ambitious plan to build DROAM, a sprawling city in the Middle East. While the exact location remains undisclosed, West envisions the city to cover an astonishing 100,000 acres – surpassing the size of New York City. Currently in Phase 1 development, DROAM aims to be a self-sustaining urban center.

West is actively seeking partners for this colossal undertaking, extending invitations to project managers, engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to join the project. The scale of DROAM reflects West’s penchant for grandeur and innovation, aligning with his reputation for pushing boundaries.

Mixed Reactions Amidst Unfulfilled Projects

The announcement of DROAM raises eyebrows, considering West’s history of unrealized projects and deserted properties. The rapper’s tendency to tease album releases that never materialize has left fans both disappointed and frustrated. The recent unfulfilled collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign adds to the skepticism surrounding West’s announcements.

Kanye West's Ambitious Vision: Creating DROAM, a 100,000-acre City in the Middle East

Adding to the intrigue, reports surfaced about West’s Los Angeles church, a property purchased in March for $1.5 million, now showing signs of neglect. Boarded-up windows and accumulating trash present a stark contrast to West’s global ambitions with DROAM.

In another twist, West has listed his Malibu home for sale, opting out of renovation plans due to financial challenges. The property, currently lacking windows and electricity, is listed at $53 million, notably lower than the $57.25 million he paid just two years ago.

Fans grapple with the revelation of DROAM, West’s track record of unrealized ventures and abandoned properties casts a shadow over this ambitious endeavor, leaving many to wonder if this project will materialize or join the ranks of his previous unfulfilled visions.


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