Maharashtra Bus Fire: Sleeper Buses ‘Moving Coffins’, Say Experts

Maharashtra bus fire


Following a tragic accident in Buldhana, bus body designers have raised their voices, demanding a ban on all sleeper buses, which they describe as “moving coffins.” The incident has intensified concerns about passenger safety, prompting experts to emphasize the need for immediate action.

Sleeper buses, designed with sleeping berths for long-distance travel, have faced criticism due to their inherent safety risks. The confined spaces and limited emergency exits within these buses present significant challenges during emergency situations, particularly fires or accidents.

The recent accident in Buldhana has underscored these concerns, shedding light on the potentially disastrous consequences. Bus body designers argue that the lack of proper safety measures, coupled with the use of flammable materials inside these buses, make them particularly hazardous for passengers in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

To address these critical safety issues, experts are calling for a ban on sleeper buses and advocating for more stringent regulations. They stress the importance of prioritizing passenger safety by implementing comprehensive safety measures across the industry.

Among the proposed safety measures are regular maintenance and inspections to identify and rectify potential electrical or mechanical failures. Additionally, designers emphasize the urgent need for improved fire suppression systems within these buses to quickly combat any fires that may occur. Furthermore, they urge bus manufacturers to reconsider the design of sleeper buses, focusing on creating more accessible emergency exits and reducing the presence of flammable materials.

Experts also highlight the significance of passenger education and awareness. By disseminating information about emergency protocols, such as familiarizing passengers with emergency exit locations and procedures, the industry can empower individuals to respond effectively during crises.

While recognizing the convenience and demand for long-distance travel options, the priority remains safeguarding the lives of passengers. Bus operators and regulatory authorities must work collaboratively to address these safety concerns, enforcing stricter regulations, and ensuring compliance with established safety standards.

The demand for a ban on sleeper buses by bus body designers serves as a wake-up call for the industry, urging a comprehensive reassessment of safety practices. By taking immediate and effective action, it is possible to mitigate the risks associated with sleeper buses and restore public confidence in long-distance bus travel.


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