MahaRera attaches flat of bldr over failure to refund Rs 80 lakh


In a significant development, Thane revenue authorities have taken action against a promoter who failed to deliver a flat worth Rs 80 lakh to a senior citizen. The senior citizen had booked the flat in 2013, with the promise of possession by 2018, as per the directives of the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRera).

Attachment of Promoter’s Flat: The Thane revenue authorities have successfully attached a flat owned by the promoter as per the order issued by MahaRera. The action was taken in response to the promoter’s failure to fulfill the commitment made to the senior citizen. This move aims to provide relief and justice to the affected homebuyer who had been waiting for the possession of their booked flat for a considerable period.

Booking and Promised Delivery: The senior citizen from Andheri had invested Rs 80 lakh in booking a flat back in 2013. At the time, the promoter assured them that the possession of the property would be handed over by 2018. However, the deadline passed, and the senior citizen was left without their dream home, despite their substantial investment.

MahaRera Intervention: The aggrieved senior citizen sought redressal through MahaRera, the regulatory authority responsible for safeguarding the interests of homebuyers in Maharashtra. After due consideration and examination of the case, MahaRera issued an order in favor of the senior citizen, directing the promoter to deliver the flat or refund the invested amount.

Attachment as a Consequence: As a consequence of the promoter’s failure to comply with the MahaRera order, Thane revenue authorities stepped in to attach the promoter’s flat. This action serves as a strong message to builders and developers, emphasizing the significance of adhering to timelines and commitments made to homebuyers.

Relief and Justice for the Senior Citizen: The attachment of the promoter’s flat brings a ray of hope for the senior citizen, who had been patiently waiting for their home for several years. This move not only showcases the efficacy of MahaRera in resolving disputes but also instills confidence among homebuyers that their grievances will be addressed and appropriate actions will be taken against errant builders.

The attachment of the promoter’s flat by Thane revenue authorities over the failure to deliver a flat worth Rs 80 lakh to a senior citizen underscores the importance of honoring commitments made to homebuyers. It serves as a reminder to builders and developers about the consequences of non-compliance with MahaRera directives. The incident highlights the efficacy of the regulatory body in providing justice and relief to homebuyers, and it reaffirms the significance of timely delivery of properties in the real estate sector.


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