Michelin’s Top Picks: Best Restaurants in Florida


When traveling to Florida, exploring its culinary scene is a must, and what better way to do so than by visiting restaurants recommended by Michelin? With its diverse array of dining options, Florida offers something for every palate. Here are some of the best restaurants in the Sunshine State according to Michelin:

  1. The Bazaar by José Andrés (Miami Beach): Renowned chef José Andrés brings his innovative and avant-garde culinary creations to Miami Beach with The Bazaar. Offering a mix of traditional Spanish flavors with a modern twist, this restaurant promises a dining experience like no other.
  2. Victoria & Albert’s (Orlando): Located within Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Victoria & Albert’s is an upscale dining destination known for its exquisite cuisine and impeccable service. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and creative dishes, it’s no wonder this restaurant has earned Michelin’s seal of approval.
  3. Buccan (Palm Beach): Combining elements of a bistro, wine bar, and lounge, Buccan offers a casual yet sophisticated dining experience in Palm Beach. Helmed by acclaimed chef Clay Conley, the restaurant serves up inventive small plates and flavorful dishes that highlight the best of local and seasonal ingredients.
  4. Uchi (Miami): Bringing Japanese cuisine to the heart of Miami, Uchi offers a contemporary take on traditional dishes. With its emphasis on fresh seafood and expertly crafted sushi, this restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
  5. Commander’s Palace (Destin): Nestled in the charming seaside town of Destin, Commander’s Palace is a culinary institution known for its Creole-inspired cuisine and elegant ambiance. From classic dishes like gumbo and shrimp remoulade to innovative creations, diners can expect a memorable dining experience at this Michelin-recommended restaurant.
  1. Swan (Miami Beach): Owned by musician Pharrell Williams and restaurateur David Grutman, Swan offers a chic and stylish dining experience in Miami Beach. With its vibrant atmosphere and contemporary American cuisine, including fresh seafood and seasonal dishes, Swan is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.
  2. Bern’s Steak House (Tampa): A Tampa institution since 1956, Bern’s Steak House is renowned for its exceptional steaks, extensive wine list, and unparalleled service. Diners can enjoy a memorable meal in one of the restaurant’s elegant dining rooms or opt for a more intimate experience in the dessert room, where they can choose from an array of decadent sweet treats.
  3. Norman’s (Orlando): Helmed by celebrity chef Norman Van Aken, Norman’s offers a fusion of Latin, Caribbean, and Asian flavors in a sophisticated setting. Located at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, this Michelin-recommended restaurant delights diners with its creative and flavorful dishes, crafted using the finest ingredients.
  4. Cafe Boulud (Palm Beach): Nestled within the historic Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach, Cafe Boulud offers a taste of France in the heart of Florida. Led by renowned chef Daniel Boulud, the restaurant showcases classic French cuisine with a contemporary twist, featuring seasonal ingredients and expertly executed dishes.
  5. The Gasparilla Inn & Club (Boca Grande): Situated on Gasparilla Island, The Gasparilla Inn & Club boasts several dining options, including The Pink Elephant. This charming restaurant offers waterfront views and a menu inspired by the flavors of the Gulf Coast, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and regional specialties.

With these additional dining options, travelers can embark on a culinary adventure through Florida, exploring the state’s vibrant and diverse food scene. Whether indulging in world-class steaks, innovative fusion cuisine, or classic French dishes, these Michelin-recommended restaurants promise a memorable dining experience for visitors to the Sunshine State.


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