MMRDA Plan To Set Up 350 sq Km ‘Town’ Across City Harbour


MMRDA Unveils Ambitious Project: Transforming City Harbour into a Sprawling 350 sq km ‘Town’

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has unveiled a groundbreaking plan that promises to reshape the landscape of Mumbai. This ambitious project aims to create a sprawling ‘town’ spanning an impressive 350 square kilometers across the city’s harbour area.

The MMRDA’s vision is to turn the underutilized harbour region into a vibrant, self-sustaining urban hub that caters to the burgeoning population of Mumbai. The project, still in its early stages, is set to revitalize the eastern waterfront and address the city’s growing urbanization challenges.

One of the central elements of this project is to improve connectivity. The MMRDA plans to develop a comprehensive transportation network, including new roads, bridges, and public transit systems, to seamlessly link this new ‘town’ with the existing city. This will not only reduce commuting time for residents but also alleviate the congestion currently experienced in Mumbai.

The ‘town’ will be designed to accommodate various residential, commercial, and recreational zones. This holistic approach aims to create a self-sustaining community where residents can live, work, and play without having to venture far from their homes. Additionally, green spaces and waterfront promenades are planned to enhance the overall quality of life.

Furthermore, the project incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly practices, such as green buildings, renewable energy sources, and efficient waste management systems, to minimize its environmental impact. The MMRDA is keen to make this ‘town’ an example of modern urban planning that prioritizes both development and environmental conservation.

While this endeavor is undoubtedly ambitious, it also poses several challenges, including land acquisition, environmental considerations, and infrastructure development. The MMRDA is expected to collaborate with various stakeholders, including government agencies, private developers, and urban planners, to overcome these hurdles successfully.

The MMRDA’s plan to establish a 350 sq km ‘town’ across the city harbour represents a bold step towards transforming Mumbai’s eastern waterfront into a vibrant and sustainable urban center. If executed effectively, this project has the potential to alleviate the city’s urbanization woes and set a benchmark for urban development in India.


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