MNS Thane Unit Protests On Eastern Express Highway Against Toll Hike At Mumbai Entry Points

Eastern Express Highway

MNS Thane Unit Stages Protest on Eastern Express Highway in Opposition to Toll Increase at Mumbai Entry Points

In a display of vociferous opposition, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Thane unit took to the Eastern Express Highway to protest against the recent toll hike at Mumbai’s entry points. The demonstration, which drew a sizable crowd, was characterized by fervent slogans and placards denouncing the toll increase.

The MNS Thane unit’s protest served as a resounding statement against what they perceive as an unjust financial burden imposed on the citizens of Mumbai and its neighboring areas. The toll hike, initiated at multiple entry points to the city, has stirred a wave of discontent among commuters, who already contend with the city’s notorious traffic congestion.

Party leader Raj Thackeray spearheaded the protest, addressing the gathering with impassioned rhetoric. He underscored the need for the government to prioritize the welfare of its citizens and reconsider the toll increase, which many argue disproportionately affects the common man.

Thackeray argued that toll collection was originally conceived to fund the maintenance and development of roads and infrastructure. However, he contended that the current state of Mumbai’s roads and highways does not reflect the substantial toll revenues collected over the years. He demanded greater transparency and accountability in the allocation of these funds, insisting that they should be reinvested to enhance the city’s infrastructure.

The MNS protest was not without its share of criticism and controversy. Some have questioned the timing of the demonstration, citing concerns about traffic disruption on the Eastern Express Highway during rush hour. However, the MNS Thane unit defended their actions, emphasizing that peaceful protests were a legitimate means of expressing the public’s grievances.

As the sun set on the protest, the MNS Thane unit reaffirmed their commitment to representing the interests of the common man. While the toll hike issue remains unresolved, their spirited demonstration sent a clear message to the authorities that the people of Mumbai demand accountability and fairness when it comes to matters that directly impact their daily lives. The toll hike issue now rests in the hands of policymakers, who must weigh the concerns of the public against the need for revenue to maintain and develop the city’s critical infrastructure.


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