Mumbai: Call BMC Sub-Engineer To Fix Pathole Problems In Rains

BMC sub-engineer to fix pothole problems in rain

Mumbai, known for its vibrant spirit and bustling streets, has often faced challenges with potholes during the rainy season, causing inconvenience to commuters and posing risks to road safety. In a bid to address this perennial issue more efficiently, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has implemented a proactive approach by designating a sub-engineer for each of the city’s 227 civic electoral wards. These dedicated officials are entrusted with the task of overseeing pothole-filling work in their respective wards, streamlining the response and ensuring faster resolution of complaints.

Recognizing the urgency and gravity of the problem, the BMC’s decision to assign a sub-engineer to each ward aims to provide a more focused and localized approach to pothole repairs. By decentralizing the responsibilities, the corporation seeks to empower these officials with the authority and resources needed to take immediate action in their designated areas.

The move comes as a significant step forward in the BMC’s commitment to improving the city’s infrastructure and ensuring the safety and convenience of its residents. By introducing a dedicated sub-engineer for each ward, the corporation aims to streamline the complaint resolution process, enabling better coordination and more effective utilization of resources.

Residents now have a more direct line of communication with the designated sub-engineer in their ward. They can report potholes and related concerns, providing crucial information about the location and severity of the issue. With this local approach, residents can expect a more personalized and prompt response from the sub-engineer responsible for their area.

The sub-engineers have been equipped with the necessary tools and resources to assess the condition of roads, identify potholes, and initiate the repair process promptly. This decentralized approach allows them to familiarize themselves with the specific needs of their respective wards, ensuring a tailored response to the challenges faced by each area during the monsoon.

While the initiative brings hope for improved road conditions and enhanced safety, it is important for residents to actively engage in reporting potholes and providing accurate information. Cooperation between citizens and sub-engineers will play a pivotal role in the success of this endeavor, as timely reporting will enable the officials to prioritize and address the most critical pothole concerns swiftly.

The BMC encourages residents to utilize the designated helpline number and online portals to report potholes. By working together, residents and sub-engineers can contribute to a smoother and safer journey for everyone during the rainy season.

With the implementation of this innovative approach, Mumbai is taking strides towards tackling pothole problems head-on. The dedicated sub-engineers across the city’s wards signify a renewed commitment to proactive governance and a testament to the BMC’s resolve in ensuring a better quality of life for Mumbaikars, especially during the monsoon season.

By prioritizing road repairs, investing in infrastructure, and actively involving residents in the process, Mumbai aims to transform its rainy season experience, ensuring smoother and safer journeys for all commuters.


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