Mumbai: Fire Breaks Out In BEST’s Electric Bus At Malvani Depot

Fire breaks out in BEST's electric bus

In a concerning turn of events, a fire broke out in one of the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) electric buses at the Malvani Depot in Mumbai. The incident, which occurred recently, has raised questions about the safety and maintenance of the city’s growing electric bus fleet.

The fire incident was reported at the Malvani Depot, where the BEST administration had been making efforts to expand its electric bus operations. Eyewitnesses at the scene described a sudden burst of flames near the rear of the electric bus, followed by thick smoke billowing from the vehicle.

Fortunately, quick action by the depot’s staff and local firefighters averted a potential disaster. Firefighters arrived promptly and managed to extinguish the flames before they could spread to other buses or nearby structures. While there were no reports of injuries, the incident has nevertheless sparked concerns regarding the safety protocols in place for electric buses.

BEST officials have assured the public that they are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident to determine the cause of the fire. Preliminary findings suggest that an electrical fault may have triggered the fire. The affected electric bus will undergo a comprehensive examination to assess the extent of the damage.

This incident underscores the importance of stringent safety checks and regular maintenance for electric buses. Electric vehicles, while environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run, require specialized maintenance and monitoring to ensure their safety. BEST and other transport authorities should consider investing in better training and resources for maintaining their electric bus fleets.

As Mumbai strives to reduce its carbon footprint and transition to greener modes of transportation, incidents like these highlight the need for a robust infrastructure and safety framework to support electric vehicles’ widespread adoption. It is imperative that transit agencies prioritize the safety of passengers and drivers alike as they embrace new technologies in the pursuit of sustainable urban mobility solutions.


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