Mumbai: Live Bullet In Zimbabwean Student’s Bag; Says It’s Planted

Live bullet in Zimbabwean student

Mumbai authorities were met with a startling incident when a Zimbabwean student’s bag yielded a live bullet during routine security checks. The student, whose identity remains undisclosed, has come forward to assert that the bullet was planted deliberately.

The episode unfolded during standard security screenings at a Mumbai educational institution. Security personnel were taken aback when the live bullet appeared on the X-ray screen as the student’s bag passed through. Immediate measures were taken to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.

The student in question has vehemently denied any connection to the bullet, claiming that it was surreptitiously placed in their bag. Mumbai police are treating the situation with utmost seriousness, launching a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. The authorities are reviewing CCTV footage and conducting interviews to determine whether the student’s claim holds merit.

The incident has ignited concerns within the academic community and among students from abroad. Educational institutions across Mumbai are reviewing their security protocols to prevent any potential threats in the future. The safety and well-being of all students remain a top priority.

As the investigation unfolds, questions continue to arise about the motive behind the alleged planting of the bullet. While speculations abound, Mumbai authorities are focused on uncovering the truth and ensuring a safe environment for all students and staff.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that security measures must remain vigilant and adaptable to evolving threats. As more details emerge, Mumbai’s residents and the global community eagerly await the outcome of the investigation and the resolution of this puzzling and concerning event.


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