Mumbai: Train will be driverless, operated through remote control & sensors


The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) has announced plans to operate its trains in driverless mode, using sensors and remote control technology, a few months after the opening of the Metro 3 corridor in July 2024. This is a significant development for public transportation in Mumbai, as it has the potential to improve the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the city’s metro system.

The decision to implement driverless trains in Mumbai is part of a larger trend of using autonomous technology in transportation. Other cities around the world, such as Singapore and Dubai, have already implemented similar systems with great success. By using sensors and remote control technology, driverless trains can operate more efficiently and with greater accuracy, reducing the likelihood of accidents or errors caused by human error.

However, implementing driverless trains in Mumbai will also pose significant technical and regulatory challenges. For example, the technology will need to be carefully tested and integrated into the existing metro infrastructure, and new safety protocols and regulations will need to be developed to ensure the system is operating safely and reliably.

Despite these challenges, the MMRC is moving forward with its plans, and has already ordered 31 eight-coach rakes from Alstom, a leading manufacturer of driverless trains. These trains are currently being manufactured at Alstom’s facility in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, and are expected to be operational a few months after the full opening of the Metro 3 corridor in July 2024.

The implementation of driverless trains in Mumbai is an important development for the city’s public transportation system. Although there will be challenges to overcome, the potential benefits of this technology make it a worthwhile investment in the long run. By improving efficiency, safety, and reliability, driverless trains have the potential to revolutionize public transportation in Mumbai, and make commuting easier and more convenient for the city’s residents.


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