Navya Actress Somya Seth Finds Love Again; Writes A Heartfelt Father’s Day Wish

Father's Day wish from Somya Seth

In a heartwarming revelation, popular television actress Somya Seth, renowned for her role as Navya in the hit series “Navya…Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal,” has found love again. The talented actress took to social media to mark Father’s Day, sharing a touching note accompanied by a heartfelt reel featuring her beloved son.

Somya Seth, known for her ability to captivate audiences with her performances, surprised her followers with the delightful announcement. The actress showcased her joyous moments with her son through a heartwarming reel that showcased their bond, leaving fans in awe.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Somya penned a heartfelt message expressing her gratitude and love for her son’s father. The emotional tribute resonated with her followers, who flooded the comments section with warm wishes and kind words.

Although the actress did not reveal the identity of her son’s father, her touching tribute and the reel spoke volumes about the affectionate relationship they share. Somya’s post was a testament to the beautiful bond between a parent and child, evoking a sense of joy and warmth among her fans.

While Somya Seth has been relatively private about her personal life, the actress’s recent post served as a pleasant surprise for her dedicated fan base. Her decision to share this special moment on Father’s Day allowed her followers to celebrate the joys of parenthood alongside her, further strengthening the connection between Somya and her admirers.

As the news of Somya Seth’s newfound love spreads, fans eagerly anticipate further glimpses into her personal life and more heartwarming moments shared with her son. Through her authentic and heartfelt posts, the actress continues to inspire and touch the lives of her followers, reminding them of the beauty found in love and family.

With her captivating performances on-screen and genuine persona off-screen, Somya Seth’s journey as an actress and a mother remains an inspiration to many. As she embarks on this new chapter of her life, fans eagerly await to witness the joy and happiness that love has brought into her world.


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