Nilesh Kumar Agarwal received Prestigious Mythological Author of the Year Award  by Shamita Shetty at Glittering Sahika Event Held at New Delhi.


In the world of literature, there are authors who capture our imagination and transport us to different realms. One such author is Nilesh Kumar Agarwal, who has gained recognition for his profound understanding of Indian traditions and mythologies. Through his works, Nilesh bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern curiosity, offering readers a chance to explore the depth of our cultural heritage. This article delves into the journey of Nilesh Kumar Agarwal, his literary achievements, and the impact he has made in the world of mythology.

Nilesh Kumar Agarwal’s journey as an author is not just a story of words but a tale of seeking and exploration. Before dedicating his life to storytelling, Nilesh navigated the twists and turns of the corporate world. However, his true calling lay in the world of literature, particularly in unraveling the treasures hidden within Indian texts and narratives.

The evening at Radisson BLU Paschim Vihar unfolded with excitement and anticipation as celebrities, scholars, and literature enthusiasts gathered to witness a remarkable moment. The esteemed celebrity, Shamita Shetty, graced the event to bestow the “Best Author in the Mythological Category” award upon Nilesh Kumar Agarwal. This prestigious accolade acknowledged Nilesh’s dedication, innovation, and relentless pursuit of truth through his literary endeavors.

Nilesh Kumar Agarwal’s journey as an author has transcended mere storytelling. He has become a torchbearer of knowledge, a storyteller of myths, and a weaver of destinies. His contributions continue to enrich the landscape of literature and deepen human understanding. Nilesh’s ability to connect the past with the present reminds us that ancient tales are not forgotten; they are living narratives that shape our present and future.

Nilesh Kumar Agarwal’s passion for mythology and literature has brought him well-deserved recognition and acclaim. Through his works, he has successfully bridged the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary curiosity. Nilesh’s ability to reinterpret traditional teachings in a modern context has resonated with readers and listeners alike, fostering a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage. As he continues his journey, we eagerly await the release of “SARAL SHIV PURAN” and the further enrichment it will bring to the world of mythology.


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