Odisha train tragedy: PM Modi calls Ashwini Vaishnaw, takes stock of restoration work


In a move to ensure the timely and efficient restoration of infrastructure in Balasore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Sunday to obtain an update on the progress of the restoration work. The communication between the two leaders signifies the government’s commitment to promptly addressing the aftermath of the recent incident in the region.

The restoration work in Balasore, following an unfortunate incident, has been a top priority for the government. Prime Minister Modi’s personal involvement in taking stock of the situation highlights his dedication to ensuring that the affected areas are swiftly restored to normalcy.

During the conversation, Prime Minister Modi received a comprehensive briefing from Railway Minister Vaishnaw regarding the ongoing restoration efforts in Balasore. The discussion centered around the progress made so far, the challenges faced by the restoration teams, and the strategies employed to expedite the recovery process.

Expressing his concern for the affected residents and the railway network, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of a coordinated and efficient approach to restore the infrastructure. He lauded the efforts of the railway personnel and other stakeholders involved in the restoration work, recognizing their dedication and commitment in mitigating the impact of the incident.

The Prime Minister assured Railway Minister Vaishnaw of the government’s full support in overcoming the challenges encountered during the restoration process. He emphasized the need for a swift and seamless restoration of rail services and related infrastructure, highlighting their crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the region’s transportation network.

In response to the Prime Minister’s call, Railway Minister Vaishnaw provided a detailed overview of the measures undertaken to restore the affected railway lines, repair damaged tracks, and reinstate critical services. He highlighted the deployment of additional resources, including manpower and machinery, to accelerate the restoration work.

The conversation between Prime Minister Modi and Railway Minister Vaishnaw reflects the government’s commitment to swiftly address any disruptions to public infrastructure. It also showcases the government’s proactive approach in promptly reaching out to key stakeholders to monitor the progress of restoration work and provide necessary support.

As the restoration work in Balasore continues, the government remains focused on mitigating the impact of the incident and restoring normalcy in the region. Prime Minister Modi’s direct involvement in monitoring the progress ensures that all necessary resources and support are mobilized to expedite the recovery efforts, providing relief to the affected residents and facilitating the resumption of essential services.


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