Only Virat Kohli can reveal why he left Test captaincy: Sourav Ganguly


In a surprising turn of events, Indian cricketing icon Virat Kohli has stepped down from his role as the captain of the Indian Test team after the conclusion of the 2022 tour of South Africa. The announcement, which caught not only fans but also the highest echelons of the cricketing fraternity off guard, has left many speculating about the reasons behind this momentous decision.

Kohli, known for his fierce determination and unyielding leadership on the field, had been at the helm of the Indian Test team since 2014, taking over the reins from M.S. Dhoni. Under his captaincy, the team witnessed several remarkable victories and climbed to the top of the ICC Test rankings. His departure from such a pivotal position has undoubtedly raised eyebrows and fueled intense discussions among fans and experts alike.

The news of Kohli’s resignation came as a shock to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the cricketing fraternity around the world. While the BCCI has maintained a dignified silence regarding the specifics of the decision, former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly, who is now the President of the BCCI, stated that only Kohli himself holds the key to the real motives behind this move.

This unprecedented move has ignited a wave of speculation, with fans and pundits offering their own theories as to why Kohli chose to relinquish the prestigious role of Test captain. Some believe that the burden of captaincy across all formats, coupled with the ever-increasing demands of international cricket, might have taken a toll on Kohli’s mental and physical well-being. Others suggest that he may have made this decision to focus more on his personal performance, allowing him to devote more time to his batting skills and maintain his impeccable records in the longest format of the game.

Kohli’s resignation marks the end of an era and paves the way for a new leader to take charge of the Indian Test team. With his unmatched passion and unparalleled dedication, Kohli has set the bar high for his successor. The BCCI will undoubtedly undertake a thorough selection process to identify the individual best suited to fill the void left by Kohli, ensuring that the Indian Test team continues its upward trajectory.

While fans and experts await an official statement or clarification from Virat Kohli himself, it is important to respect his decision and acknowledge the immense contribution he has made to Indian cricket as both a player and captain. His departure from the Test captaincy is undoubtedly a significant moment in cricketing history and will be remembered for years to come.

As the cricketing world reflects on Virat Kohli’s decision to step down as Test captain, one thing remains clear—his legacy as one of India’s greatest cricketers and leaders is indelible. The stage is now set for a new chapter in Indian cricket, and only time will reveal the true reasons behind Kohli’s departure from the helm of the Test team.


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