Open Manholes: HC Orders Survey Of Roads Across All Wards In Mumbai

Open manhole in Mumbai

Mumbai Municipal Corporation Receives Court Directive to Conduct Comprehensive Road Inspection for Open Manholes in All Wards

In response to concerns over open manholes posing a risk to public safety, the Mumbai High Court has issued a significant directive to the city’s municipal corporation. The court has ordered a comprehensive survey of roads spanning all wards in Mumbai, with the aim of identifying and addressing the issue of open manholes.

The directive comes amidst growing apprehensions about the potential hazards posed by open manholes, which have been a cause for concern among citizens and authorities alike. The court’s decision underscores the urgency of the matter and places a strong emphasis on the need to prioritize public safety.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation is now tasked with conducting a thorough examination of roads across every ward in the city. The objective of this extensive survey is to pinpoint areas where open manholes are prevalent and to devise effective strategies to mitigate the associated risks. By taking a ward-wise approach, the municipality aims to ensure that no area is overlooked and that comprehensive remedial actions can be undertaken.

This proactive step by the Mumbai High Court reflects its commitment to safeguarding the well-being of residents and visitors alike. Open manholes have the potential to cause accidents and injuries, making it imperative for local authorities to address this issue promptly.

The survey is expected to be a collaborative effort involving various departments within the municipal corporation. The collection of data regarding open manholes, their locations, and their potential danger levels will provide a solid foundation for implementing targeted solutions.

Once the survey is complete, the municipal corporation will be better equipped to prioritize and execute necessary repairs and upgrades. This initiative aligns with the larger goal of enhancing urban infrastructure and ensuring a safe environment for all members of the community.

The Mumbai High Court’s directive to conduct a comprehensive survey of roads across all wards in the city reflects a significant step towards ensuring public safety. By addressing the issue of open manholes, the municipal corporation is poised to make substantial improvements to the city’s infrastructure, ultimately creating a safer and more secure living environment for its residents.


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