Pankhuri Awasthy and Gautam Rode’s Twins Revel in First Diwali Shopping Spree!!

Pankhuri awasthy

TV stars, Pankhuri Awasthy and Gautam Rode are eagerly preparing for the upcoming festival of Diwali, celebrating the occasion with their newborn twins. Sharing snippets of their family time on social media, the couple’s Diwali shopping pictures have garnered immense attention, as fans pour in their love and blessings for the delightful family.

Pankhuri Awasthy and Gautam Rode’s Twins Enjoy a Memorable First Diwali Shopping

Amid the anticipation and buzz surrounding the imminent Diwali festivities, numerous celebrities have commenced their Diwali shopping. Among them, Pankhuri and Gautam chose to partake in this celebratory tradition, taking their adorable twins along for their very first Diwali shopping spree, offering an endearing glimpse into their family outing.

Through a series of heartwarming images shared on their social media handles, Pankhuri and Gautam delightedly documented their twins’ maiden Diwali shopping excursion. The couple radiated happiness and enthusiasm throughout the day, expressing their joy in sharing these moments with their newborns.

Captioning the post, they joyously penned, “Radhya and Raditya out for their first Diwali shopping with Mommy and Daddy.” As the heartwarming snapshots made their way onto the internet, fans showered the couple with adoration and blessings in the comments section. Users flooded the post with affectionate messages, expressing their admiration and endearment for the beautiful family.

The couple announced the arrival of their twins on July 25, warmly sharing the news with their followers, “Twice blessed, we have been blessed with a baby boy and baby girl.” Their joyous celebration of the twins’ first Diwali shopping excursion resonated deeply with fans, who admire the couple for their delightful family moments and eagerly celebrate each milestone with them.


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