Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Resigns from X, Labeling it a ‘Global Sewer’


In a bold move, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced her departure from the X platform, formerly Twitter, condemning it as a “gigantic global sewer.” Hidalgo criticized the platform for being a breeding ground for abuse, misinformation, and antisemitism, accusing its owner, Elon Musk, of intentionally fueling tensions and conflicts.

X Platform Faces Backlash and Advertiser Exodus

After Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in 2022 and its subsequent rebranding as X, the platform has witnessed a significant downturn. Musk’s decision to lay off thousands of content moderation employees drew widespread criticism. The platform, now plagued by controversies, has lost major advertisers, and even the White House has condemned its inadequate measures against antisemitism.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s Stance on X: A Denouncement of Manipulation and Disinformation

Hidalgo, known for her efforts to turn Paris into a cycling-friendly city, expressed her disdain for X, accusing it of intentional manipulation, dissemination of disinformation, and fostering an environment of hostility. Her departure reflects a larger concern about the impact of social media on democratic values.

#SaccageParis and the Struggle for Parisian Transformation

Hidalgo’s ambitious plans to transform Paris into a cycling capital have faced mixed reactions, with the #SaccageParis (WreckParis) hashtag highlighting criticism of the ongoing construction projects. The mayor’s vision for a more sustainable and cyclist-friendly city has sparked both praise and scorn on social media.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo

Refusal to Endorse: Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Takes a Stand

Addressing the controversies surrounding X, Hidalgo firmly stated, “I refuse to endorse this evil scheme.” Her departure serves as a symbolic stand against the platform’s alleged contribution to global discord and the erosion of democratic principles.

TahitiGate Controversy Adds to Criticism

Recent scrutiny intensified as Hidalgo faced criticism for a trip to Tahiti, ostensibly to inspect a 2024 Olympics surfing site. However, opponents argued that the visit fell outside her official duties, raising questions about its partial taxpayer funding. The #TahitiGate hashtag gained traction as X users and opposition politicians criticized Hidalgo for the controversial trip.


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