Parliament Security Breach: Rahul Gandhi Attributes Incident to Unemployment and Price Rise


Highlighting a concerning security breach in Parliament, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi pointed fingers at rising unemployment and inflation, attributing the incident to the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gandhi, addressing reporters after a strategy meeting with Congress leaders in Gujarat, emphasized the pressing issue of unemployment in the country, stating that it fueled the breach. The security lapse on December 13 allowed two individuals to breach three layers of security, entering the Lok Sabha and triggering smoke inside the chambers.

Unemployment and Inflation as Root Causes:

According to Rahul Gandhi, the surge in unemployment and inflation, fueled by the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stands as the primary catalyst behind the recent security lapse in Parliament. He stressed that the youth of India are bearing the brunt of the economic downturn, struggling to secure employment opportunities.

Rahul Gandhi
Parliament Security Breach

BJP’s Response to Rahul Gandhi:

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) swiftly responded to Rahul Gandhi’s claims, countering that the unemployment rate in India is at 3.2%, the lowest in six years. BJP IT in charge Amit Malviya accused Gandhi of diverting attention and urged clarification on the association between Congress leaders and those involved in the breach.

Arrests and Investigation:

Following the breach, five individuals have been arrested, and the Delhi Police are actively pursuing a sixth alleged conspirator. All are facing charges under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Surprisingly, there are no apparent common links among the suspects, except for their connection through a Facebook page named the ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Club.’

Motives Behind the Security Breach:

The accused, as reported by the police, aimed to draw attention to critical issues such as unemployment and the violence in Manipur, seeking a discussion in Parliament. Additionally, they expressed a desire to communicate with Prime Minister Modi directly.

Digvijaya Singh’s Perspective:

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh echoed Rahul Gandhi’s sentiments, linking the security breach to the pressing issue of unemployment. He emphasized the desperation of unemployed youth resorting to such acts, urging reflection from politicians, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The nation grapples with the aftermath of the security breach in Parliament, the discourse surrounding unemployment and inflation takes center stage. Rahul Gandhi’s allegations prompt a broader debate on the socio-economic challenges faced by the youth, demanding attention and resolution.


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