Protect The Daughters: The Kerala Story of Rehabilitation and Redemption


In a bid to support alleged victims of religious conversion, producer Vipul Shah, associated with the film “The Kerala Story,” has announced a groundbreaking initiative. Shah pledged a generous amount of Rs 51 lakh and unveiled the “Protect The Daughters” program, aimed at rehabilitating 300 girls who claim to have been subjected to forced religious conversion at an ashram. The film, directed by Sudipto Sen and featuring Adah Sharma in the lead, has sparked intense political debates and polarized opinions across the country.

During a press conference, Shah emphasized the primary purpose behind the making of “The Kerala Story” was to assist these victims and provide them with a platform to voice their experiences. He expressed admiration for the courage displayed by the 26 alleged victims of conversion who stood alongside the film’s team on stage. Shah affirmed that the initiative would establish an ashram as a safe haven for these girls, allowing them to rebuild their lives and find solace.

Director Sudipto Sen clarified that the film was not intended to target any particular religious community but rather shed light on the ordeals faced by numerous girls across different faiths. Sen emphasized the authenticity of the film’s depiction, inviting the audience to cross-question the alleged victims on stage to verify its accuracy.

Amidst the success of “The Kerala Story,” which has reportedly crossed the Rs 150 crore mark at the box office, Shah urged the public to watch the film in large numbers. He emphasized the urgency of the matter, emphasizing that the issues depicted in the film were not limited to Kerala alone but were prevalent across the entire nation. Shah appealed to those who may have watched pirated versions of the film to support the cause by watching it in theaters and becoming the voice for these girls.

Actress Adah Sharma applauded the courage of the victims for sharing their stories despite the fear of judgment. Their bravery serves as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges.

The initiative “Protect The Daughters: The Kerala Story of Rehabilitation and Redemption” aims to create awareness, foster empathy, and extend a helping hand to the alleged victims of forced religious conversion. By providing a safe space and support system, this initiative seeks to empower these girls to reclaim their lives and break free from the chains of coercion and manipulation.


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