Rain Delays IPL 2023 Final: Chennai Super Kings vs. Gujarat Titans Head to Reserve Day


Sunday, May 28, witnessed a disappointing turn of events as the much-anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 final between the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans was washed out due to heavy rainfall. The iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, which was filled with enthusiastic fans, saw the rain pouring down, turning the outfield into a soggy mess. With no possibility of play, the decision was made to move the final to the reserve day, May 29.

The official announcement came at around 11 pm IST, after it was evident that the ground had taken in a substantial amount of water. Despite the rain stopping momentarily before the decision, the outfield remained waterlogged. The organizers reassured the fans that their physical tickets for the original match day would be valid on the reserve day.

The anticipation and excitement of the fans were evident as they waited patiently in the stands, hoping for a break in the weather. Around 9 pm IST, there was a glimmer of hope when the rain eased, allowing the players, captains, and officials to inspect the ground conditions. The covers were removed, and the super-soppers went to work. Ashish Nehra even assessed the pitch, which seemed to be in good shape.

Unfortunately, the rain made a comeback, dashing hopes of a timely start. The covers were swiftly brought back, and the intensity of the rain increased over the following hours, creating additional puddles on the outfield. An interesting sight occurred when the giant screen at the stadium displayed a message urging fans to keep their physical tickets safe.

The umpires, Nitin Menon and Rod Tucker, provided updates on the conditions, stating that the ground staff needed approximately an hour to prepare the field for play. With the rain persisting, the decision to use the reserve day became inevitable.

Looking ahead to the reserve day, the weather forecast for May 29 appeared more promising. According to the AccuWeather forecast, there was only a 3 percent chance of rain in the evening. However, the skies were expected to remain cloudy.

Meteorologist Navdeep Dahiya expressed hope for a successful match on the reserve day, acknowledging that there were predictions of rain but with a lower probability compared to the previous day.

As fans eagerly await the rescheduled IPL final, both teams will have an additional day to strategize and prepare. The Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans will strive to maintain their focus and momentum, knowing that the ultimate showdown for the IPL 2023 championship awaits them on the reserve day.

The rain played spoilsport on Sunday, May 28, forcing the IPL 2023 final to be moved to the reserve day. The fans’ enthusiasm remained intact despite the disappointment, and all eyes now turn to May 29, when the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans will battle it out for the prestigious title, weather permitting.


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