Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar reacts to Prabhas’ Adipurush, its ‘tapori’ dialogues by Hanuman and Saif Ali Khan’s Ravana as a dreaded villain


In a recent development, Prem Sagar, son of the renowned filmmaker Ramanand Sagar, has voiced his concerns and disappointment over the portrayal of the ancient Indian epic Ramayana in director Om Raut’s highly anticipated film, Adipurush. The movie, featuring popular actor Prabhas in the lead role, has garnered significant attention for its grand scale and high-profile cast. However, Sagar has expressed his reservations regarding certain aspects of the film.

As the custodian of his late father’s legacy, Prem Sagar holds a deep reverence for the epic tale of Ramayana, which was brought to life on television screens through the iconic television series, Ramayan, directed by Ramanand Sagar himself. Given his personal connection to the source material, Prem Sagar’s concerns highlight the importance of preserving the integrity and essence of such revered narratives.

One of the primary points of contention for Prem Sagar is the depiction of Hanuman, the revered monkey deity and devotee of Lord Rama, with what he refers to as “tapori” dialogues. The use of colloquial language and slang in Hanuman’s dialogue delivery has raised eyebrows and sparked a debate about the appropriateness of such characterization in a film based on an ancient epic. Prem Sagar believes that this portrayal undermines the sanctity and devotion associated with Hanuman’s character.

Furthermore, Prem Sagar has expressed his dissatisfaction with Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of Ravana, the antagonist of Ramayana. Sagar feels that the characterization of Ravana as a dreaded villain falls short of capturing the complex nuances and depth of the character. Ravana, known for his intelligence, knowledge, and multifaceted personality, is a figure of great significance in Indian mythology. Prem Sagar believes that a more nuanced approach would have done justice to the character’s rich heritage and cultural impact.

While Prem Sagar acknowledges the creative liberty that filmmakers often take while adapting mythological stories, he emphasizes the need for responsible storytelling that upholds the essence and values of the original narrative. His concerns reflect a broader sentiment among enthusiasts and scholars who hold the Ramayana in high regard as a revered text with profound cultural and spiritual significance.

As the release of Adipurush approaches, Prem Sagar’s comments have added a new dimension to the ongoing discussions surrounding the film. It remains to be seen how director Om Raut and the cast respond to these concerns and whether any changes will be made to address the misgivings expressed by Prem Sagar and others who share his sentiments.

Prem Sagar’s disappointment with the misrepresentation of Ramayana in Prabhas’ Adipurush underscores the importance of respecting the cultural and spiritual significance of ancient epics. As audiences eagerly anticipate the film’s release, the discussions surrounding its portrayal of iconic characters will continue to spark conversations about the responsibility of filmmakers in adapting revered texts for the silver screen.


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