Ready To Contribute For Peace, Modi Tells Macron On Ukraine

Ready to contribute for peace

In a high-level meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron, held in a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation, PM Modi affirmed India’s commitment to playing a constructive role in resolving the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Amid growing concerns over the escalating tensions in the region, the Indian leader conveyed his country’s readiness to contribute to lasting peace in Ukraine.

As the global community seeks avenues for de-escalation and dialogue, PM Modi’s declaration signals India’s proactive approach in addressing international conflicts. Recognizing the significance of stability and peaceful resolutions, India reaffirmed its solidarity with Ukraine and its commitment to upholding the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The meeting between Modi and Macron provided an opportune moment for both leaders to discuss key geopolitical issues, with a particular focus on the situation in Ukraine. Prime Minister Modi expressed deep concern over the escalating conflict and its impact on regional stability. He emphasized the need for diplomatic efforts, negotiations, and peaceful dialogue to de-escalate tensions and achieve a sustainable resolution.

India’s commitment to contributing to lasting peace in Ukraine stems from its longstanding advocacy for peaceful resolutions and global harmony. PM Modi emphasized that India, as a responsible global player, stands ready to offer support and engage in diplomatic initiatives aimed at bringing peace to the region. India’s extensive experience in diplomacy and its non-aligned stance position the country as a valuable partner in fostering dialogue and reconciliation.

The exchange between Modi and Macron also touched upon the importance of international cooperation in addressing crises of this nature. The leaders expressed their mutual desire to work together and engage with other nations to find a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine issue. The meeting marked another step forward in strengthening the bilateral ties between India and France and showcased the shared commitment to promoting peace and stability worldwide.

While the details of India’s specific contributions are yet to be determined, the country’s willingness to engage constructively and offer support adds another dimension to the international efforts toward resolving the crisis in Ukraine. India’s voice, as a significant regional power and a champion of multilateralism, carries weight in international forums, offering a potential avenue for bridging differences and finding common ground.

As the situation in Ukraine evolves, the global community welcomes India’s commitment to peace and stability. The willingness expressed by Prime Minister Modi to contribute to lasting peace underscores India’s role as a responsible global actor, dedicated to upholding the principles of peaceful coexistence and fostering dialogue in resolving international conflicts. With the backing of allies and partners, India’s active involvement in the Ukraine issue holds promise for a peaceful and prosperous future for the region.


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