Sophie Turner Finds Happiness with Peregrine Pearson Post Joe Jonas Divorce


Sophie Turner, known for her role in Game of Thrones, has reportedly entered a new chapter in her love life following her divorce from singer Joe Jonas. Recent reports suggest that the 27-year-old actress is “really happy” in her romance with British aristocrat Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson.

New Beginnings: Sophie Turner’s Post-Divorce Romance

Following her split from Joe Jonas a couple of months ago, Sophie Turner has been spotted in London, engaging in PDA with Peregrine Pearson. The actress, confirming her relationship with Perry, is reportedly enjoying this new phase in her life.

According to a source reported by Us Weekly, Sophie Turner has been casually dating since her divorce from Joe Jonas. The insider reveals that she ‘really seems to like spending time with Perry’ and that their connection is growing stronger. While it may be early to predict long-term potential, signs suggest a positive direction in their relationship.

London Love: Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson’s Cozy Moments

Sophie and Perry were recently captured in London, radiating happiness as they embraced each other in public. The 29-year-old Perry, an heir to a media empire with a family net worth exceeding £224 million, seems to have become a significant part of Sophie’s life.

Sophie and Joe’s Divorce: An Amicable Resolution

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas filed for divorce on September 5 after four years of marriage. The reports of Sophie’s new romance come a month after the couple reached an ‘amicable resolution’ over the custody of their children – Willa and Delphine. Despite the divorce, Sophie maintains an amicable relationship with Joe and was even spotted hanging out with Taylor Swift, Joe’s ex-girlfriend.

Sophie Turner

The official statement regarding Sophie and Joe’s divorce emphasized their united decision and appealed for privacy. The couple expressed gratitude for their four years of marriage and hoped that everyone would respect their wishes for privacy, especially concerning their children.


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