Sparkling Elegance: 5 Sequin Sarees This Wedding Season


Wedding season unfolds, adding a touch of sparkle to your ethnic Sequin Sarees wardrobe becomes imperative. Sequin sarees, once reserved for evening gowns and cocktail dresses, now elegantly grace traditional ethnic and fusion wear. Mamta Roy, Fashion Expert and Founder of Odette shares five delightful ways to embrace sequin sarees and become the epitome of glamour during this festive season.

1. Classic Elegance with a Twist

Opt for timeless sophistication by selecting a sequin saree in classic colors such as black, gold, navy, or wine. The sequins, catching the light beautifully, offer a subtle yet elegant shimmer. Pair it with a contrasting blouse to let the sequins steal the show, ensuring you exude sophistication while embracing the festive spirit.

Sparkling Elegance: 5 Sequin Sarees This Wedding Season Sequin Sarees

2. Vibrant Hues for Festive Cheer

Break away from tradition and choose sequin sarees in bold and vibrant hues like royal blue, emerald green, ruby red, or fluorescent colors. Adorned with sequins, these sarees instantly elevate your festive look, allowing you to make a statement and stand out in the crowd. Keep jewelry minimal to let the vibrant sequins take center stage.

3. Contemporary Fusion with Crop Tops

Infuse a modern twist into your sequin saree by pairing it with a stylish crop top. Opt for a saree in a contemporary color palette and pair it with a contrasting or matching crop top. This fusion style marries a saree’s traditional charm with a crop top’s modern flair, offering a trendy choice for festive gatherings.

4. Sequins Saree with Pants

For a contemporary take on traditional attire, choose a stunning sequin saree paired with chic pants. This fusion ensemble effortlessly blends sophistication with modern flair, ensuring you stand out at any event. Elevate your look with statement neckpieces, adding glamour to complement the shimmering sequins.

5. Subtle Daytime Sparkle

Contrary to the belief that sequins are reserved for nighttime events, embrace daytime sparkle with sequined sarees in pastel shades. Opt for smaller sequins for a more subtle effect. This daytime-friendly look is perfect for festive brunches and daytime celebrations, allowing you to shine effortlessly in the daylight.

Sequin sarees symbolize enduring glamour, becoming a canvas that conveys celebration, style, and uniqueness in the world of personal fashion. Let your sequin saree be the statement piece that captures the essence of celebration and uniqueness this festive season.


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