Stuck in small Russian town ‘makeshift’ stay; Air India alternate aircraft to leave Mumbai at 1 pm


In a commendable display of prompt action and dedication to passenger safety, Air India dispatched a ferry flight to the remote Russian town of Magdan on Wednesday afternoon. The flight, although without passengers, aims to rescue a total of 232 individuals who have been stranded in the town since Tuesday. Among them are 216 passengers and 16 crew members eagerly awaiting their return home.

The situation unfolded when an unforeseen circumstance led to the temporary grounding of the original aircraft scheduled for departure. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Air India swiftly organized the alternate ferry flight to ensure the timely return of the affected individuals to their respective destinations.

The small Russian town of Magdan, situated far from major transportation hubs, presented a unique challenge in terms of logistical arrangements. However, Air India’s commitment to passenger welfare prevailed, prompting them to go the extra mile to resolve the situation efficiently.

The ferry flight, specifically designated for this purpose, departed from Mumbai’s bustling metropolis. Although the aircraft flew without any passengers on board, it aimed to provide a means of transportation for those stranded in Magdan. This gesture underscores Air India’s commitment to ensuring the safe return of every individual affected by the unforeseen circumstances.

The stranded passengers, who have patiently awaited their departure, expressed relief upon hearing about the ferry flight. The swift response from Air India has not only restored their hope but also reinforced their trust in the airline’s dedication to customer care.

Air India’s decision to send a dedicated ferry flight showcases the importance the airline places on passenger satisfaction and their commitment to addressing challenging situations. By promptly deploying an alternate aircraft, they have demonstrated their ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances and deliver effective solutions.

While the small Russian town of Magdan may have been an unconventional destination for Air India, the airline’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety and well-being knows no bounds. This incident serves as a reminder of the efforts made by airlines worldwide to ensure the smooth and secure travel of their customers, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

As the ferry flight embarks on its journey to Magdan, the stranded passengers and crew can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their ordeal is soon to be over. Air India’s commitment to their welfare and the successful resolution of this situation will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all those involved.

Air India’s prompt response and dedication to passenger satisfaction have set a commendable example for the airline industry as a whole. It is through such acts of compassion and efficiency that airlines continue to build trust and reinforce their commitment to providing a safe and reliable travel experience for all.


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