This is how Esha Deol wished her ‘Main’ co-star Amit Sadh on birthday


In a heartwarming gesture, actress Esha Deol extended her warmest wishes to her ‘Main’ co-star, Amit Sadh, on the occasion of his birthday. The duo, who shared the screen in the critically acclaimed film, have maintained a strong bond since their collaboration, and Esha took to social media to express her fondness for the talented actor.

Esha Deol, known for her charming presence on and off-screen, took to her preferred social media platform to pen a sweet wish for Amit Sadh. In her heartfelt message, she not only wished him a joyous birthday but also praised his dedication and passion for his craft.

The actress reminisced about their time together on the set of ‘Main’ and shared how working with Amit Sadh was an enriching experience. She commended his professionalism, infectious energy, and ability to bring life to his characters. Esha also expressed her gratitude for the camaraderie they developed during the film’s shoot, making it a memorable journey for both of them.

Known for his versatility, Amit Sadh has been a part of numerous successful projects, garnering accolades for his performances. His talent and dedication to his craft have made him a respected figure in the industry. Esha Deol’s heartfelt wishes further highlight the admiration and respect she holds for her co-star.

The social media post from Esha Deol quickly garnered attention and love from fans and well-wishers of both actors. The comment section was filled with birthday wishes for Amit Sadh, as fans joined in celebrating the special day. The warm bond between Esha and Amit was evident in the online interactions, showcasing the camaraderie they share beyond the screen.

As Amit Sadh celebrated another year of his life, the heartfelt wishes from Esha Deol undoubtedly added to the joy of the occasion. Their collaboration in ‘Main’ not only brought them together as co-stars but also forged a strong friendship that continues to thrive. Fans and well-wishers are eager to see this talented duo share the screen again in future projects, anticipating another dose of their on-screen magic.

On this special day, we join Esha Deol in wishing Amit Sadh a very happy birthday and a year filled with success, happiness, and many more memorable performances. May he continue to shine in the world of cinema and inspire aspiring actors with his dedication and talent.


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