To cut students’ stress, IIT-Bombay scraps branch change option in 2nd year


In a significant step towards prioritizing student well-being, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) has announced the elimination of the branch change option at the conclusion of the first year. This decision aims to reduce academic stress and foster a more balanced learning environment for students enrolled in the prestigious institution.

Traditionally, many students who secure admission into IIT-Bombay anticipate the opportunity to switch their branch after completing their first year. However, recognizing the potential drawbacks and associated pressures of this practice, the institute has opted to revise its admission rules, effectively removing the branch change provision.

The move comes as part of IIT-B’s ongoing efforts to create a supportive educational ecosystem that encourages students to explore and excel in their chosen disciplines from the outset. By maintaining their initial branch selection throughout their academic journey, students will have the opportunity to fully engage with their coursework and develop a deeper understanding of their chosen field.

This decision holds great significance for both current and prospective students, as it aims to mitigate the undue stress caused by the uncertainty surrounding branch changes. It is expected to alleviate the constant evaluation of alternative options and allow students to focus more on their core studies, thereby enhancing their overall academic experience.

While branch changes have historically provided students with a chance to pursue their evolving interests and aptitudes, the new policy acknowledges the potential downsides associated with this flexibility. By eliminating the branch change option, IIT-Bombay aims to create a more stable and conducive learning environment, enabling students to build a strong foundation in their chosen disciplines right from the start.

It is worth noting that this decision reflects IIT-B’s commitment to providing students with a holistic and well-rounded education. By removing the branch change option, the institute hopes to foster a sense of belonging and community among students within their respective departments, thereby promoting collaboration, specialization, and a deeper engagement with the curriculum.

While some students may have mixed feelings about this policy change, it is crucial to recognize the rationale behind it: to reduce academic stress and optimize the educational experience for all students. IIT-Bombay’s decision serves as a reminder that educational institutions continually adapt their policies to best serve their students’ needs, and this change is a reflection of their commitment to student well-being and academic excellence.


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