Unanswered Calls: The Kennedy Project

Anurag Kashyap

In the world of cinema, opportunities often arise through chance encounters, unexpected connections, and missed communications. Such was the case when acclaimed South Indian actor Vikram, known as Chiyaan Vikram, revealed that he had missed a potentially career-defining collaboration with renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for a film titled “Kennedy.”

In a recent interview with news outlet Film Companion, Kashyap disclosed that Vikram was his initial choice to portray the eponymous assassin in his latest noirish thriller, “Kennedy.” However, Vikram’s apparent lack of response left Kashyap no choice but to explore other options, eventually casting Rahul Bhat as the lead.

Upon learning about Kashyap’s attempts to contact him, Vikram swiftly took to Twitter to clarify the situation. In a heartfelt note, he explained that he had never received any mail or message from Kashyap due to an outdated email address and a changed phone number. Eager to set the record straight, Vikram expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing his excitement that the film shared his own name.

The incident shed light on the unpredictability and challenges that can arise in the film industry, where miscommunication and missed opportunities can have far-reaching consequences. The tale of “Kennedy” serves as a reminder that even established talents like Vikram and Kashyap are not immune to such occurrences.

As the Cannes Film Festival approached, Kashyap found himself attending with “Kennedy” set to premiere under the Midnight Screenings section. The anticipation for the film grew as audiences wondered about the mysterious character and the intricate web of corruption and revenge he would navigate. Adding to the intrigue, the inclusion of actress Sunny Leone in the cast promised an additional layer of allure and excitement.

“Unanswered Calls: The Kennedy Project” encapsulates the essence of missed opportunities and the unforeseen turns that shape the world of cinema. While the initial collaboration between Vikram and Kashyap may not have come to fruition, it serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate dance between artists, their projects, and the ever-present element of chance. Both talents continue to forge their respective paths, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the release of “Kennedy” and eagerly speculating on what might have been.


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