UP: Farmers hire men at Rs 250 per day to dress up as bears to scare away stary cattle & monkeys


In a unique attempt to safeguard their precious standing crops from relentless attacks by monkeys and other marauding animals, farmers in several villages of Lakhimpur Kheri district in Uttar Pradesh have resorted to an age-old trick. Embracing an unconventional approach, these farmers have adopted the practice of dressing up as bears and patrolling their fields to deter the invasive creatures.

The menace caused by monkeys and other stray animals has been a persistent problem for farmers in the region, leading them to explore innovative methods to protect their livelihoods. Inspired by the instinctual fear that these animals have towards bears, farmers have found this disguise-based strategy to be an effective solution.

With the aid of bear costumes, these intrepid farmers transform into fearsome-looking creatures, instilling a sense of terror among the intruders. Armed with the knowledge that monkeys and other animals would instinctively steer clear of potential predators, the farmers have taken up this task to defend their crops from being ravaged.

The sight of these “bears” prowling the fields acts as a strong deterrent, keeping the marauding animals at bay. The disguise effectively mimics the presence of a natural predator, discouraging the intruders from venturing too close to the valuable crops. By employing this unconventional tactic, farmers hope to protect their livelihoods and ensure a bountiful harvest.

The success of this unique approach can be attributed to its ability to exploit the animals’ inherent fear instincts. Monkeys and other creatures, accustomed to avoiding potential threats in the wild, tend to retreat when confronted by a formidable adversary. This method of using human impersonations of bears capitalizes on this primal fear, serving as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods of pest control.

While the efficacy of this practice may vary depending on factors such as the behavior of the animals and the specific circumstances in different farming areas, early reports suggest that it has yielded positive results for these innovative farmers. The bear disguises have significantly reduced the instances of crop damage caused by the intrusive animals, providing a ray of hope for agricultural communities grappling with such challenges.

The ingenuity displayed by these farmers in Uttar Pradesh serves as a testament to their resilience and adaptability. By embracing unconventional methods to safeguard their crops, they are not only addressing the immediate problem but also showcasing their commitment to sustainable and nature-friendly agricultural practices.

As the bear-costumed farmers continue to roam their fields, their presence serves as a powerful symbol of human determination and creativity in the face of adversity. Their efforts to protect their livelihoods exemplify the unwavering spirit of the farming community, as they strive to coexist harmoniously with the animal kingdom while safeguarding their crops for a prosperous future.


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