US health regulator puts on hold Sun Pharma trails on dermatological drug


Sun Pharma is an Indian pharmaceutical company that operates globally and is known for its development of various generic drugs, as well as proprietary formulations. The company has been directed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to halt clinical trials of one of its dermatological drugs, which uses a 12 mg dose regimen, due to concerns over potential blood clots.

The FDA’s decision to halt the trials is part of its ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs being developed and marketed in the United States. The agency regularly monitors clinical trials and investigates any serious adverse events that occur during these trials. In this case, the FDA’s concerns about potential blood clots associated with the drug led to the decision to halt the trials.

Sun Pharma has stated that it is cooperating with the FDA and is committed to ensuring the safety of its drugs. The company has a strong track record of developing safe and effective drugs, and it is likely that it will work with the FDA to address any concerns and resume the clinical trials once the issues have been addressed.

Clinical trials are an important part of the drug development process, and they play a critical role in ensuring that drugs are safe and effective before they are approved for use by the general public. The FDA’s decision to halt the Sun Pharma trials underscores the importance of vigilance and monitoring during this process, as well as the importance of cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies to ensure that drugs are safe and effective for all patients.


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