Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal Set to Move into Hrithik Roshan’s House with Newborn Daughter

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal

Varun Dhawan and his wife Natasha Dalal are preparing for a significant move as they welcome their baby girl into the world. The couple, who previously resided in an apartment owned by Dhawan in Juhu since 2017, are reportedly set to relocate to a new residence currently occupied by Hrithik Roshan.

According to reports, Varun and Natasha will be shifting to Hrithik Roshan’s house in the same locality, along with their newborn daughter. The decision to move comes as the couple seeks a larger and more comfortable space for their growing family.A source close to the development revealed, “Varun and Natasha will be shifting into this house with their daughter. It is a sea-facing apartment, currently occupied by Hrithik, who in turn is moving to another apartment in the same location Juhu. VD and family will have actor Akshay Kumar and producer Sajid Nadiadwala as neighbours, who are residing in the same building.”The news of Varun and Natasha’s move has sparked excitement among fans and Bollywood enthusiasts, who eagerly anticipate glimpses of the couple’s new abode. Hrithik Roshan’s spacious and luxurious house in Juhu is known for its breathtaking sea views and upscale amenities, making it an ideal choice for the growing Dhawan family.Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in January 2021, after years of courtship. The couple has since been enjoying marital bliss and recently welcomed their first child, adding another joyous chapter to their love story.As they embark on this new journey of parenthood, Varun and Natasha’s decision to move into Hrithik Roshan’s house reflects their desire for a nurturing and comfortable environment for their baby girl. With supportive neighbors like Akshay Kumar and Sajid Nadiadwala, the couple is sure to find warmth and camaraderie in their new home in Juhu.

The move to Hrithik Roshan’s house not only signifies a change of address for Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal but also marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as parents. Welcoming their baby girl into the world has undoubtedly been a momentous occasion for the couple, and finding the perfect home to raise their child adds another layer of excitement to their journey into parenthood.

As they settle into their new abode, Varun and Natasha will likely focus on creating a nurturing and loving environment for their daughter. From decorating the nursery with soft colors and cozy furnishings to ensuring the safety and comfort of their little one, the couple will spare no effort in making their house a home filled with warmth and affection.

Moreover, the proximity to fellow Bollywood stars such as Akshay Kumar and Sajid Nadiadwala offers Varun and Natasha the opportunity to build strong bonds within the industry’s close-knit community. As they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood, having supportive neighbors who share similar experiences can provide invaluable support and camaraderie.

In addition to their personal lives, Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal continue to make waves in the entertainment industry with their respective careers. While Varun has established himself as one of Bollywood’s leading actors with a string of successful films to his credit, Natasha is a talented fashion designer known for her elegant and timeless creations. With their professional commitments and now the responsibilities of parenthood, the couple’s journey promises to be a balancing act of love, passion, and dedication.

Furthermore, the decision to move into Hrithik Roshan’s house underscores the strong camaraderie and mutual respect shared among members of the Bollywood fraternity. In an industry known for its competitiveness, gestures of support and solidarity like this serve as a reminder of the bond that unites individuals across different backgrounds and professions.

As Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal embark on this exciting new chapter in their lives, they do so with the love and blessings of their fans and well-wishers. With a beautiful new home, a precious bundle of joy, and each other’s unwavering support, the couple is poised to embrace all the joys and challenges that parenthood brings, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


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