Vishal Goyal, Class 11 Student from GMSSS Sector 37D, Chandigarh, Achieves National Recognition in Yoga


Kolkata 20 December In a commendable achievement, Vishal Goyal, a dedicated student currently enrolled in class 11 at GMSSS Sector 37D, Chandigarh, has left an indelible mark in the realm of yoga on a national scale.

Vishal Goyal, a passionate practitioner of yoga, recently participated in a prestigious national event where he showcased his exceptional skills and dedication to the ancient discipline. Despite the academic rigors of class 11, Vishal managed to balance his studies with his commitment to yoga, earning praise and recognition for his exemplary performance.

The journey to the national stage was no easy feat for Vishal, who demonstrated resilience and determination throughout the rigorous selection process. Representing not only his school but the entire city of Chandigarh, Goyal’s success has brought pride and acclaim to the local community.

School officials and teachers at GMSSS Sector 37D express their pride in Vishal’s accomplishments, highlighting his ability to excel in both academics and extracurricular pursuits. Principal [Asha Rani ]commended Vishal, stating, “Vishal Goyal is a shining example of the holistic development we encourage at our school. His dedication to yoga, coupled with his academic achievements, reflects the values we instill in our students.”

Vishal’s parents are understandably proud of their son’s achievements, emphasizing the importance of balance in his life. “We always encouraged Vishal to pursue his passions alongside his studies. His success in yoga at the national level is a testament to his hard work

As Vishal Goyal continues to inspire his peers with his accomplishments, his story serves as a reminder of the potential for excellence that lies within students who find a harmonious balance between academics and extracurricular pursuits. The entire community looks forward to witnessing the continued success of this young talent from GMSSS Sector 37D, Chandigarh.

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