Will Ensure Free & Fair Trial, Won’t Spare Those Guilty Of Manipur Violence; Amit Shah

Will ensure free & fair trial

In a resolute stance against the atrocities that marred the state of Manipur, Home Minister Amit Shah assured the nation that the government would leave no stone unturned in ensuring a free and fair trial for those involved in the Manipur violence. Expressing his deep concern over the heinous acts that have shaken the region, Shah emphasized that justice would be served to bring closure to the victims and their families.

Addressing the nation from the capital, Shah expressed his commitment to upholding the rule of law and maintaining peace in the region. The Manipur violence has left scars on the hearts of many, and Shah acknowledged the need for a robust and impartial judicial process to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

“The government is resolute in its determination to bring the culprits to justice. We will not spare anyone involved in these acts of violence,” Shah stated, underlining the government’s unwavering commitment to ensure justice is served.

The Home Minister also acknowledged the importance of transparency and impartiality in the legal proceedings. He asserted that every effort would be made to ensure a thorough investigation, with no room for any interference or prejudice. “The trial will be conducted with utmost transparency, and we will work diligently to ensure that the truth prevails,” he affirmed.

The Manipur violence has drawn nationwide attention and has been a cause for concern for the government. Shah reassured the people of Manipur that their safety and security were paramount, and that the central government would extend all necessary support to restore normalcy in the region.

Furthermore, Shah expressed his gratitude to the security forces and law enforcement personnel for their dedication and commitment in maintaining peace and order in Manipur during these challenging times. He acknowledged their sacrifices and assured them of the government’s unwavering support in their mission to protect the citizens and preserve the integrity of the nation.

As the investigations proceed, Amit Shah urged the citizens to maintain peace and harmony, appealing for restraint and understanding. “Our unity as a nation is our strength. Let us stand together as we strive for justice, ensuring that such incidents do not happen again,” he urged.

The Home Minister’s resolute stance and promise for a free and fair trial have been welcomed by citizens across the country, and it serves as a reassurance that the government is committed to upholding justice and restoring peace in Manipur. The eyes of the nation now remain focused on the legal proceedings as they unfold, hoping that the guilty will face the consequences of their actions, and justice will prevail for the victims and their families.


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