Witness Testimonies Recorded in Ankita Bhandari Murder Case: Progress and Next Court Date Set


In a significant development, a local court recently recorded the statements of three additional witnesses in the high-profile Ankita Bhandari murder case. The proceedings took place in the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Rina Negi. According to the defense lawyer, Amit Sajwan, the statements were given by Aman, Saurav Bisht, and Shivam.

Ankita Bhandari, a receptionist employed at Vanantara resort, was tragically murdered in September last year. The prime suspects in the case are Pulkit Arya, the owner of the resort, and his alleged accomplices, Saurav Bhaskar and Ankit. It is believed that Ankita was killed after refusing their demands to provide “special services” to the guests at the resort.

The witness testimonies hold immense significance in shedding light on the events leading up to Ankita’s untimely demise. Aman, who worked as a store manager in an ayurvedic company near the resort, may possess crucial information about the individuals involved and their potential motives. Saurav Bisht and Shivam, who were Ankita’s colleagues at the resort, might have firsthand knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her murder.

The court proceedings marked a step forward in the pursuit of justice for Ankita Bhandari. The recorded statements will serve as valuable evidence for the prosecution as they build their case against the accused. The testimonies have the potential to provide critical insights into the alleged involvement of Pulkit Arya and his associates.

Following the recording of the statements, the court has scheduled the next hearing for June 9. This date will mark another important milestone in the legal proceedings, offering an opportunity for both the prosecution and defense to present their arguments and advance the case. The judicial process is aimed at ensuring a fair and thorough examination of all the evidence, allowing justice to be served.

As the investigation unfolds and witnesses come forward, the public’s attention remains focused on this harrowing murder case. The pursuit of justice for Ankita Bhandari has garnered widespread interest and concern, with many hoping for a swift resolution and appropriate legal consequences for the guilty parties.

The upcoming court hearing on June 9 will likely provide further clarity on the progression of the case. It is anticipated that additional evidence and witnesses will be presented, potentially unraveling more details surrounding Ankita’s murder and the involvement of the accused.

The Ankita Bhandari murder case serves as a reminder of the importance of a robust and fair legal system in addressing crimes and ensuring justice for the victims. The testimonies of Aman, Saurav Bisht, and Shivam bring us closer to understanding the truth behind this tragic incident and holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions.


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