Yash Tiwari’s “THE THREE HUES” Film Nominated At SantaDev International Film Festival For Best Debut Feature Film


“THE THREE HUES”, a feature film by 21 years old Yash Tiwari, is now an  Official Selection at the Santa Dev International Film Festival in Tamil Nadu, and is nominated for the Best Debut Feature Film Award for the young filmmaker’s first cinematic project.

“THE THREE HUES” is a youth-centric Feature Film by Yash Tiwari – International Award-Winning Public Speaker, TEDx and JOSH Talks, #1 Bestselling Author of multiple novels and global youth mentor, with the film focusing on inspiring the youngsters about realizing their potentials and following their passions in life.

The feature film, 2 Hours 30 Minutes in length, is Written, Directed, Edited by the speaker and author Yash Tiwari himself, who also is one of the lead actors and the primary narrator in film. This coming-of-age story focuses on the tale of three youngsters, each one battling with their own anxieties and fears in life in the confusing phase between completing school life and right before entering the phase of college.

“THE THREE HUES” film talks about what it means to be a youngster in the modern world, and how confusing it can be to comprehend that for both the young ones and the elders who wish to help them in their journeys of life. There is an important commentary on Mental Health, Depression, Dependence on others, inter-generational conflict, and more importantly – presents a solution for each of the issues that the youngsters tend to deal with in isolation. As their journeys go through a rollercoaster ride of Friendship, Love, Self-Analysis, and finding Positivity in life, they understand what it means not just to be young, but to be alive and to breathe.

The film is has been exclusively screened at various avenues, including U.P. Sangeet Natak Akademi Lucknow, Ragendra Swarup Centre For Performing Arts, etc. The cast of the film includes Yash Tiwari, Anisha Sharma, Arun Sachdeva, Soniya Punjwani, Dr. Alok Bajpai, Dheeraj Singh, Yashpal Singh, Rohit Gupta, and features music in creative collaboration by Shriyash Sahu and Oak Studios.

Majority of the cinematography has been done by the author and speaker Yash Tiwari himself, who has written the entire script of the film in less than a month, having filmed the movie in and around the city of Kanpur.


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