75 Women Rescued from Kuki Militants After Intense Gunfight in Manipur

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    75 women were rescued from the clutches of Kuki militants in Manipur’s Churachandpur district after a fierce two-hour gunfight between the insurgents and security forces. This successful rescue operation marks a significant victory for the law enforcement agencies in their ongoing battle against insurgency in the region.

    The operation was launched in the early hours of Sunday following a tip-off about the location where the women were being held captive. The hostages, mostly locals, had been abducted by the militants as part of their broader campaign of terror and intimidation in the region. The Kuki National Army (KNA), one of the prominent insurgent groups in the area, was identified as the group responsible for the abductions.

    A combined team of the Manipur Police, the Indian Army, and Assam Rifles carried out the operation. The security forces approached the militant hideout cautiously, aware that the captives’ lives were in imminent danger. As the forces closed in, they were met with heavy gunfire from the militants, leading to a prolonged exchange of fire.

    Colonel Rajesh Singh, who led the rescue mission, detailed the operation in a press briefing. “Our primary objective was the safe rescue of the hostages. The militants were heavily armed and used the hostages as human shields, which made the operation particularly challenging,” he said. “However, our forces showed exemplary courage and restraint, ensuring minimal collateral damage.”

    The gunfight lasted for approximately two hours, during which the security forces managed to neutralize several militants and secure the area. By dawn, the operation concluded with all 75 women safely rescued and the remaining insurgents either captured or fleeing the scene.

    Medical teams were on standby to provide immediate care to the rescued women, many of whom were found to be in a state of shock and exhaustion. They were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for further medical examination and psychological support. Authorities confirmed that all the women were safe and receiving the necessary care.

    Manipur’s Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh, commended the security forces for their bravery and swift action. “This successful operation is a testament to the dedication and bravery of our security forces. We are committed to eradicating insurgency and ensuring the safety of our citizens,” he said. The Chief Minister also assured that the government would provide all necessary support to the rescued women and their families.

    The rescue operation has garnered widespread praise from across the country, highlighting the persistent issue of insurgency in Northeast India. The Kuki insurgents, along with other militant groups in the region, have been involved in various criminal activities, including extortion, kidnapping, and armed conflict, posing a significant challenge to peace and stability in Manipur.

    Human rights organizations have also expressed their relief at the safe rescue of the women while urging for continued efforts to address the root causes of insurgency. “While we celebrate the safe return of these women, it’s crucial to address the socio-economic and political issues that fuel such insurgencies. Sustainable peace can only be achieved through comprehensive development and inclusive dialogue,” said Anjali Rao, a human rights activist.

    The Indian government has reiterated its commitment to restoring peace in the region through a combination of military action and developmental initiatives. Union Home Minister Amit Shah praised the security forces for their successful operation and emphasized the government’s focus on ensuring long-term stability in Manipur. “The safe rescue of these women is a significant achievement. Our forces will continue their efforts to dismantle insurgent networks and bring peace to the Northeast,” he said.

    The rescue operation in Churachandpur is a reminder of the ongoing security challenges in Manipur and the resilience of the local population. As the rescued women begin their journey to recovery, the operation stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the resolve of the security forces to protect and serve the people of Manipur.


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