Advancing Defence Technology: India’s Response to Dual Threats at Borders

Rajnath Singh

India’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, emphasized the need for India to focus on advancements in defence technology in order to effectively tackle the “double threat” along its borders with China and Pakistan. Speaking at a conference organized by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Singh highlighted the importance of extensive research and development in the field of defence technology to address the diverse security challenges faced by the country.

Singh acknowledged the bravery and stature of India’s armed forces, stating that the country boasts one of the largest armies globally. However, he stressed that a technologically advanced military is essential to safeguard national interests. Against the backdrop of the ongoing border dispute in eastern Ladakh and Pakistan’s persistent support for cross-border terrorism, Singh’s comments serve as a call to action for India to enhance its defence capabilities.

Later, addressing the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Singh urged industry leaders to support India’s transformation from an imitator to a leader in developing futuristic technologies. He emphasized that this approach would enable India to effectively navigate the challenges arising from the evolving global security landscape. Singh noted that countries worldwide are increasingly prioritizing technological advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and genetics, and India must strive to keep pace.

Singh called for closer collaboration between the DRDO and academia to ensure desired technological advancements. He underscored the crucial role of research in driving progress and stressed the need for a strong partnership between these entities. By fostering this collaboration, India’s research sector is expected to grow exponentially, equipping the nation to face the complex challenges ahead.

The Defence Minister also highlighted the significance of collective efforts and partnerships in effectively confronting the multifaceted challenges faced by the country. Singh emphasized that no institution can address these challenges alone and called for collaborative efforts to tackle them comprehensively.

Furthermore, Singh highlighted the potential of the partnership between the DRDO and academia in developing dual-use technologies. By establishing this collaboration, the DRDO can leverage research and expertise from academia to develop technologies that have both defence and civilian applications.

India’s Defence Minister’s call for advancements in defence technology reflects the nation’s commitment to address the dual threats along its borders. By focusing on research, fostering partnerships, and embracing cutting-edge technologies, India aims to bolster its defence capabilities and effectively safeguard its national interests in an ever-changing global security scenario.


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