Assam Residents Arrested in Cooch Behar for Selling Fake Gold Bars

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Cooch Behar, a quaint district in West Bengal, recently witnessed an intriguing case of deception and crime. Three residents from neighboring Assam were arrested in the town of Dinhata, Cooch Behar, for attempting to sell a counterfeit gold bar. The incident has drawn significant attention from both local authorities and the general public, highlighting issues of fraud and security in small towns.

The arrested individuals, identified as Rajib Das, Bipul Roy, and Anjan Saikia, hail from various parts of Assam. According to the police, the trio was caught red-handed while trying to sell the fake gold bar to an unsuspecting buyer. The potential victim, whose identity has been kept confidential for safety reasons, reported the suspicious activity to the authorities, leading to the swift apprehension of the suspects.

The arrest was the result of a well-coordinated sting operation by the Dinhata police. Acting on the tip-off from the would-be victim, the police set up a covert operation to catch the fraudsters in the act. The suspects had arranged to meet the buyer at a predetermined location in Dinhata. Plainclothes officers were strategically positioned around the meeting spot to monitor and intervene if necessary.

As the transaction began, the officers observed the suspects attempting to pass off the fake gold bar as genuine. Once sufficient evidence was gathered, the police moved in and arrested the trio without incident. The fake gold bar was seized and sent for forensic analysis to confirm its lack of authenticity.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the suspects were part of a larger network involved in the sale of counterfeit gold and other precious metals across various states in India. The group typically targeted small towns and rural areas, where people might be less suspicious and more likely to fall for such scams. Their modus operandi involved presenting a convincing facade, complete with fake documents and testing kits to dupe their victims into believing the gold was genuine.

In this particular case, the suspects had used a gold-plated metal bar, which was nearly indistinguishable from real gold to the untrained eye. They had also employed sophisticated techniques to make the bar appear genuine during a cursory inspection, including the use of fake hallmark stamps.

The arrest has stirred significant discussion in the community. Many residents of Dinhata expressed their relief that the perpetrators were caught before more people could be deceived. Local authorities have urged citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to the sale of gold or other precious items.

Mr. Shankar Debnath, a local businessman, commented on the incident, saying, “It’s frightening to think that such scams could happen in our peaceful town. We must be more cautious and always verify the authenticity of such valuable items before making any purchase.”

The Dinhata police have been praised for their quick action and effective handling of the situation. Speaking to the media, Inspector Partha Chakraborty, who led the operation, emphasized the importance of public cooperation in tackling such crimes. He stated, “This arrest was possible due to the timely information provided by the victim. We urge everyone to remain cautious and report any suspicious activities immediately.”

Inspector Chakraborty also highlighted the ongoing efforts to dismantle the broader network of fraudsters operating in the region. “We are conducting further investigations to identify and apprehend other members of this criminal syndicate. Our goal is to ensure that such fraudulent activities are curtailed and that our citizens feel safe and secure.”

The arrest of Rajib Das, Bipul Roy, and Anjan Saikia in Dinhata serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threat posed by fraudsters. It underscores the need for public awareness and vigilance in preventing such crimes. The swift action by the Dinhata police not only thwarted a potential scam but also sent a strong message to other would-be fraudsters.

As the investigation continues, the community of Cooch Behar can take solace in the fact that their local law enforcement is committed to protecting them from such deceitful activities. This incident, though alarming, has reinforced the importance of trust, vigilance, and community cooperation in maintaining public safety.


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