Chennai Super Kings better prepared for IPL final compared to past: Stephen Fleming


In a pre-match press conference, Stephen Fleming, the head coach of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), exuded confidence as his team geared up for the highly anticipated IPL 2023 final against the Gujarat Titans. Fleming expressed satisfaction with the team’s preparation, emphasizing that CSK was better equipped than ever before to secure victory in the crucial encounter.

Reflecting on the team’s journey throughout the tournament, Fleming acknowledged the hard work and dedication exhibited by the players, coaching staff, and support staff. He highlighted the meticulous planning and strategic approach that had been meticulously implemented, leading to CSK’s remarkable performance throughout the season.

Fleming emphasized the significance of the IPL final, recognizing it as the pinnacle of the tournament where nerves and pressure can play a decisive role. However, he remained confident in CSK’s ability to handle the big occasion, attributing it to the team’s experience and the calm and composed nature of their players.

When questioned about CSK’s specific areas of focus ahead of the final, Fleming discussed the importance of maintaining a balanced approach. He highlighted the need for the batsmen to take responsibility and capitalize on opportunities, while the bowlers would be expected to execute their plans with precision and control. Fleming also emphasized the significance of fielding, asserting that sharp fielding and smart decision-making in the field could make a substantial difference in the outcome of the match.

Fleming acknowledged the strength and capability of their opponents, the Gujarat Titans, who had displayed exceptional performances throughout the tournament. However, he maintained that CSK’s superior preparation, combined with their understanding of the big-match environment, gave them the edge going into the final.

Stephen Fleming’s confident demeanor and belief in the Chennai Super Kings’ preparation instill optimism in the team’s supporters as they eagerly await the IPL 2023 final against the Gujarat Titans. With a well-rounded strategy, an experienced squad, and a strong desire to clinch the coveted title, CSK aims to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of glory.


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