Dedicated ASI on a Bicycle: Spreading Awareness Against Drug Abuse and More


In the fight against drug abuse, one police officer in Punjab has taken it upon himself to go the extra mile and raise awareness about this menacing issue. Meet Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Gurbachan Singh, a 56-year-old officer posted in Kapurthala district, who dedicates his free time to spreading crucial messages on a bicycle.

After completing his duty, ASI Gurbachan Singh prepares himself for a different kind of mission. He attaches an iron plate to his bicycle, on which he writes concise yet powerful messages warning people about the devastating effects of drug abuse. His motto, “Nashean naal shareer barbaad karan wale atamghati hunde nein” (Those who consume drugs are suicidal), encapsulates the gravity of the situation in just a few words. Singh’s idea is simple but profound: by educating children and the community about the harmful consequences of drug addiction, he hopes to prevent them from going astray.

Armed with his bicycle and unwavering determination, Singh pedals his way through bustling markets and schools, attracting curious stares from passers-by. Many people welcome his efforts and acknowledge the importance of his message. Along with raising awareness about drug abuse, Singh takes the opportunity to provide counseling to those who approach him, offering guidance and support to individuals struggling with addiction.

Singh’s dedication doesn’t stop at drug awareness alone. He also uses his bicycle-mounted platform to highlight other pressing social issues. He raises awareness about environmental concerns, advocating for water conservation through messages like “Paani peen layee hai, barbaad karan layee nahin” (Water is for drinking, not for wasting) and “Paani bachao, paani tuhanu bachaeyga” (Save water, water will save you). Through these efforts, he aims to instill a sense of responsibility and inspire positive action within the community.

When asked about his motivations, ASI Gurbachan Singh passionately expresses his desire to create awareness about social issues. His commitment to serving the community extends beyond his official duties, as evidenced by his previous endeavors. In 1994-95, he embarked on a 25,000-kilometer journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, spreading the message of peace.

ASI Gurbachan Singh’s unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and innovative approach in raising awareness against drug abuse and other social issues make him a true hero within his community. His bicycle has become a symbol of hope, compassion, and positive change. Through his simple yet impactful messages, he continues to touch hearts and inspire countless individuals to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

In a society grappling with the devastating consequences of drug abuse, ASI Gurbachan Singh’s remarkable initiative serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all of the power of education, compassion, and grassroots efforts in combating this menace.


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