Inauguration of New Parliament Building in Delhi: A Tribute to V.D. Savarkar and Maharashtra’s Pride


The recent inauguration of the new Parliament building in Delhi has not only marked a significant milestone in India’s democratic history but has also been hailed as a tribute to V.D. Savarkar, a prominent Hindutva ideologue, and a matter of pride for the people of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde expressed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of the event and condemning the political parties that chose to boycott it.

The grand inauguration, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was a momentous occasion filled with traditional rituals and prayers. The ceremony began with Vedic chants by priests from Karnataka’s Shringeri Math, followed by a “Ganapati Homam” performed by the prime minister himself, seeking divine blessings for the new Parliament building. A multi-faith prayer was also held, symbolizing the inclusive nature of India’s democracy.

The new Parliament building, constructed by Tata Projects Ltd, stands as a testament to India’s democratic heritage. With its grand constitution hall, lounge for MPs, library, committee rooms, dining areas, and ample parking space, the triangular-shaped four-storey building spans an impressive built-up area of 64,500 square meters. It represents a fusion of modernity and the rich cultural heritage of the nation.

However, the event was marred by the boycott of several opposition parties who demanded that the head of the state, President Droupadi Murmu, should perform the inauguration. Chief Minister Shinde criticized this decision, labeling it as a display of “deep disrespect” towards both India’s democracy and V.D. Savarkar. He lamented the lack of pride in India’s cultural heritage and the rejection of thinkers like Savarkar.

Shinde, in his tribute to Savarkar on his 140th birth anniversary, hailed him as a great patriot, the father of Hindutva, and a source of pride for Maharashtra. He asserted that the inauguration of the new Parliament building on the same day as Savarkar’s birth anniversary was the ultimate tribute to the Hindutva ideologue and an honor for all Maharashtrians.

The new Parliament building stands as a symbol of India’s modern democracy, deeply rooted in its civilizational ethos. It represents the strength, progress, and unity of the nation. As the seat of power and deliberation, it will serve as a beacon of democracy and a platform for shaping the country’s future.

The inauguration of the new Parliament building not only signifies a physical structure but also holds deep symbolic significance. It is a celebration of India’s democratic values, a tribute to visionary thinkers like V.D. Savarkar, and a testament to Maharashtra’s rich cultural heritage. It is a moment of pride and reflection, reminding us of our collective responsibility to uphold the principles of democracy and continue the march towards progress.


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