Delhi Court Grants Police Custody to Accused in Brutal Murder Case


In a gruesome incident that shocked the nation, a 16-year-old girl named Sakshi was brutally stabbed over 20 times and bludgeoned to death with a concrete block in the Shahbad area of northwest Delhi. The accused, Sahil, a 20-year-old man, was produced before Duty Metropolitan Magistrate Jyoti Nain on Tuesday, where the court permitted the Delhi Police to interrogate him in their custody for two days.

The court took note of the plea from the interrogators and granted two-day police custody to Sahil. During this period, the police will focus on gathering crucial information about the offense, determining the motive behind the heinous act, and ensuring the recovery of the weapon used in the crime.

Due to security reasons, Sahil was produced before the magisterial court outside of the usual court timings. The Delhi Police sought his custody based on the fact that he had been changing his statements frequently and that the murder weapon had yet to be recovered.

The shocking details of the crime emerged when the police revealed that Sakshi had suffered 34 injury marks on her body and her skull had been brutally smashed. This heinous act of violence sparked outrage and raised concerns about the safety and security of women in the city.

Sahil was apprehended in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, after a call from his aunt to his father was traced to that location. Following a medical examination, he was brought to the national capital late on Monday evening.

The court granting police custody to Sahil signifies a crucial step in the investigation, as it allows the authorities to delve deeper into the case and gather additional evidence. It is hoped that this custody period will shed light on the motive behind the crime and lead to the recovery of the murder weapon.

The brutal murder of Sakshi has once again highlighted the urgent need for improved safety measures, especially for women and young girls, in the city. It is essential that law enforcement agencies work diligently to bring the perpetrators of such heinous crimes to justice and ensure that similar incidents are prevented in the future.

The case has garnered significant attention, with the National Commission for Women (NCW) also forming a three-member committee to investigate the gruesome murder. The nation awaits further developments as the investigation progresses, hoping for swift justice for Sakshi and her grieving family.


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