Exclusive: Ghum’s Vihan Verma is missing his behna aka Aishwarya Sharma; says, “I am missing her but I am excited to see her in Khatron Ke Khiladi 13”


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, the popular television drama, has captured the hearts of audiences with its compelling storyline and talented cast. Among the show’s stars, Vihan Verma and Aishwarya Sharma have not only impressed viewers with their exceptional performances but have also formed a strong and cherished bond behind the scenes. Their camaraderie is evident both on and off-screen, making them a delightful duo that fans can’t get enough of.

A Blossoming Friendship: From the very beginning, Vihan Verma and Aishwarya Sharma struck a chord and quickly developed a deep friendship. As they worked together on the show, their bond grew stronger, with shared laughter and mutual support becoming the pillars of their relationship. Their on-screen chemistry translates seamlessly into their off-screen interactions, creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere on set.

Supporting Each Other: In the demanding world of television, having a supportive co-star can make all the difference. Vihan Verma and Aishwarya Sharma have been each other’s pillars of strength, constantly encouraging and motivating one another. Whether it’s during intense scenes or challenging moments, they stand by each other, offering guidance and lending a helping hand. Their unwavering support has not only contributed to their individual growth as actors but has also elevated the quality of their performances.

A Missing Behna: Recently, Vihan Verma expressed how much he misses his dear co-star and friend, Aishwarya Sharma. Though they may be physically apart due to work commitments or personal engagements, their bond remains unbreakable. Vihan Verma’s heartfelt sentiment showcases the depth of their connection, highlighting the value they place on their friendship.

Excitement for Aishwarya’s Journey: While Vihan Verma may be missing his “behna,” he eagerly awaits Aishwarya Sharma’s upcoming venture. The talented actress has been making waves with her exceptional performances, captivating audiences with her versatility. Vihan Verma is thrilled to see her showcase her skills in the highly anticipated reality show “Khatron Ke Khiladi 13,” where Aishwarya Sharma is set to test her mettle and entertain viewers with her adventurous spirit.

Fan Delight: Fans of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin have been captivated not just by the on-screen chemistry of Vihan Verma and Aishwarya Sharma’s characters but also by the genuine connection they share in real life. Social media platforms are abuzz with fan clubs dedicated to celebrating their friendship and the special moments they share both on and off the sets. The duo’s off-screen camaraderie has won the hearts of many, leaving fans eagerly awaiting more glimpses into their bond.

Vihan Verma and Aishwarya Sharma have not only delivered captivating performances on-screen but have also fostered a strong and cherished bond behind the scenes. Their friendship serves as a testament to the power of genuine connections formed in the world of entertainment. As fans continue to cheer for them, the duo’s camaraderie and unwavering support for each other continue to shine, adding an extra layer of magic to Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’s success.


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