Kamal Haasan on The Kerala Story’s controversial claim of 32000 women converted to Islam: You cannot exaggerate numbers and make it look like a national crises


In a recent statement, veteran actor Kamal Haasan expressed his views on the growing calls for a ban on the controversial film “The Kerala Story.” The film, directed by Sudipto Sen, has stirred up a heated debate due to its contentious claims regarding the conversion of 32,000 women to Islam in Kerala. Haasan, known for his outspoken nature and rational approach, deemed the film as a work of propaganda.

Highlighting the importance of freedom of expression, Haasan cautioned against rushing to ban films merely on the grounds of their controversial subject matter. The actor-turned-politician emphasized the need for critical thinking and thorough examination of facts before reaching any conclusions.

“It is crucial not to exaggerate numbers and fabricate a national crisis for the sake of sensationalism,” Haasan remarked. He stressed the significance of accurate reporting and expressed his skepticism towards the claims made in “The Kerala Story.” Haasan urged the public and authorities to approach such contentious issues with a rational mindset and insisted on relying on credible evidence and data.

The actor’s stance aligns with his longstanding commitment to secularism and his belief in responsible journalism. Haasan has consistently advocated for a society that values facts and rejects the propagation of misinformation. His statement serves as a reminder to prioritize critical thinking over knee-jerk reactions when faced with controversial claims.

While acknowledging the right to express dissent, Haasan cautioned against the imposition of bans, stating that such actions hinder constructive dialogue and impede the progress of society. Instead, he called for open discussions and a platform for individuals to engage in healthy debates.

Haasan’s opinion on “The Kerala Story” resonates with his principles of promoting rationality, evidence-based claims, and the importance of respecting freedom of expression. As discussions surrounding the film’s content continue, his remarks encourage society to approach such contentious issues with a balanced and objective perspective, fostering an environment conducive to constructive dialogue and understanding.


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