G-Dragon Announces Legal Action After Negative Drug Test


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Takes Strong Measures Against Malicious Posts

G-Dragon, a prominent member of the renowned K-pop group BIGBANG, has declared robust legal action against individuals responsible for spreading malicious posts. This decision follows the revelation that G-Dragon’s recent drug test results came back negative, debunking earlier allegations.

G-Dragon’s legal representative, Lawyer Kim Soo Hyun, issued a statement outlining the legal actions to be taken against those engaged in various forms of misconduct, including defamation, insults, sexual harassment, spreading false information, and malicious slander against the artist.

The statement from G-Dragon’s legal team asserts their commitment to pursuing legal action against individuals responsible for malicious posts. They are preparing to file multiple complaints with investigative agencies, gathering evidence from self-monitoring and reports from fans. The legal team emphasizes a no-tolerance policy, expressing the intention to hold suspects accountable without any settlement or leniency.


Negative Drug Test Results

Recent notifications from the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit confirmed that the analysis of G-Dragon’s fingernails and toenails tested negative for drugs. This follows earlier negative results from the initial reagent test and comprehensive analysis of urine and hair samples. G-Dragon had willingly cooperated with the investigation, emphasizing his innocence in drug-related crimes during police questioning.

Background on BIGBANG

BIGBANG, formed in 2006, stands as one of South Korea’s most successful boy bands, with over 140 million records sold worldwide. However, the group’s members, including G-Dragon, have faced controversies. Seungri retired in 2019 amid criminal investigations, and TOP received a suspended jail sentence in 2017 for marijuana use. G-Dragon himself underwent investigation for marijuana use in 2011 but was released without indictment. The recent legal actions reaffirm G-Dragon’s commitment to protecting his rights and integrity amid baseless accusations.


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